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Burden Builder #2: comparison…again!

There are many moms experiencing a tremendous amount of guilt and anxiety over their feelings for one of their children. We dearly love our kids, but maybe you have a problem child. Maybe you have a socially awkward child. Maybe you have a child who is just like you or not like you at all,… Continue reading Burden Builder #2: comparison…again!

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Burden Builder #2: Comparison part b

Anyone who doesn’t think women are as competitive as men has never been to a preschool playgroup. We already talked yesterday about our ranking system with one another, but we have another ranking system with regard to our children. Are they normal? Are they bright? Are they godly? Are they winsome? Do they fit in?… Continue reading Burden Builder #2: Comparison part b

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Burden Builder #1: Misplaced Priorities

Yesterday I started a series about how we as Christian moms can cultivate the biblical perspective found in Psalm 127: Psalm 127: 3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. 4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children[a] of one’s youth. 5 Blessed is the man who fills his quiver… Continue reading Burden Builder #1: Misplaced Priorities

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Trending now: #gospel-centered

Are you on twitter? I am. ( _jazzhands_ if you want to follow me.)  There are topics that trend on twitter all of the time. Today the trends so far are: #mysuperpowerwouldbe #thatsmydad #imhappiestwhen Marvins Room Twitter Pandora Friday Facebook Drake It could seem as though being gospel-centered is trending in Christianity right now. Have… Continue reading Trending now: #gospel-centered

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On Basketball and the Gospel

I tried as I have tried many times before, but I just couldn’t do it. Jason has been watching the NBA finals lately, and because I somehow have a family obsessed with sports, I thought I would enter their world and try to watch a game last night.  I would like to pause here to… Continue reading On Basketball and the Gospel

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Bandwagons Aren’t Bad

I mentioned that I am slower to get on certain bandwagons these days. This isn’t to say that I’m not on any bandwagons. I am. 1. The beauty of biblical femininity 2. The gospel’s relevance to the daily life of a Christian woman 3. Men should never wear skinny jeans. ever. There are women I… Continue reading Bandwagons Aren’t Bad

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Confessions of a Relocated Pastor’s Wife part 1

Recently, I had the privilege of writing over at the Sovereign Grace Pastors’ Wives’ blog on the topic of my relocating to Ohio. This article is a condensed (plus some new stuff) version of bits and pieces I have already written on the topic here (in Akron Adventure on the side bar). The following is… Continue reading Confessions of a Relocated Pastor’s Wife part 1