Rambling and Random

Now if that’s not a compelling title, I don’t know what is! 🙂 First, I want to explain why I haven’t been writing much lately. My children are at summer camp during the day all week and it gives me precious time to meet with ladies, get ready for school, and do some organizing around… Continue reading Rambling and Random

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Worship God’06?

Bob and I go way back. When I was about 15 he came to our house with Mr. Detwiler and my proud mother announced to Mr.Kauflin, “our daughter Laurie plays the piano…Laurie, play a little something for Mr. Kauflin” I tried to communicate telepathically to her which I assumed would be no problem since she freakishly knows… Continue reading Worship God’06?

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Linen Storage

I finally tamed the beast…my linen closet. And I will admit to the fact that several times yesterday I opened my organized linen and just stood there admiring it. Sweet order…even if only for a little while. While I was working I remembered one of my favorite organization tips found in one of the many… Continue reading Linen Storage


Thank you for praying

Everything went well today. We are grateful to God for His kindness to us. We survived the surgery…and the drive home! We thought it funny (?) that the nurse labeled his ankles “yes” and “no” prior to the surgery. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.


Please Pray For Jason (and me)

Basketball and Jason have a rather toxic relationship. Just three years ago, after tearing his ACL and PCL while playing basketball, Jason had knee surgery. Today, he is having ankle surgery to remove a bone chip, re-attach and tighten ligaments, and something else I can’t remember. How did he injure his ankle? Basketball, of course.… Continue reading Please Pray For Jason (and me)



Last week I spent three days in a hotel enjoying a retreat with other pastor’s wives from the region of Sovereign Grace churches Dave Harvey oversees. The kindness of God, expressed in the kindness of the ladies of CFC opening their annual pastor’s wives retreat, was evident in many ways. Slippers. Yes, slippers were one… Continue reading Retreat