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The Week in Review by Maggie

When we got home from Maryland (last week, but hey, it’s all good) we begged to open our stockings from each other. Caleb got me a purse, a bear, a pretend phone, and clothes for the bear. Then we took down all of the Christmas decorations and that was fun (ah, the child’s perspective). We… Continue reading The Week in Review by Maggie

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Quotable Kiddos: Mom School

Maggie wanted me to play with her yesterday, and she decided that we would play “mom school”. Me: What is mom school? Maggie: (looking mildly surprised that I didn’t know what mom school was) It’s classes you take to learn how to be a mom. Me: (boy do I wish there was a mom school… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos: Mom School

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Quotable Kiddos: Bring It On, Bobby Flay

The only way my boys would ever watch a cooking show is if there is some sort of competition involved. Throw Down With Bobby Flay is one we have seen a few times. In case you aren’t familiar, the premise is that Bobby Flay, a famous chef, surprises a local cook to their specialty (Philly… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos: Bring It On, Bobby Flay

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quotable kiddos: unique football maneuver

There is a little boy across the street who is in a wheelchair. He and his brother came over to play football with all of the other boys. It’s tackle football. “How do you tackle a boy in a wheelchair?” I asked…nervously… The boys: “We just turn off his power switch.”

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Quotable Kiddos

Quotable #1  I was reading through a little notebook Caleb uses on occasion as a journal. One page had the following entry: My Wish list – 1. An island That’s it. Just an island. Maybe for Christmas?! Quotable #2  After Izzy took his shower the other night we had the following conversation: Israel: I’m sorry… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos

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Updates and Other Minutia

1. The house formerly known as ours: we are officially out of our house in MD. The CDS (Chesapeake’s highschool) moved every single item in less than 3 hours. It was really amazing.   Watching 30+ teenagers with strong bodies, happy attitudes, and plenty of Vault move us was an experience I will never forget. Huge… Continue reading Updates and Other Minutia