my NEXT poem

This is a poem I wrote inspired by the NEXT conference I had the privilege of attending over Memorial Day weekend. It makes more sense if you listen to the teaching which I highly recommend. It is linked in with the various parts of the poem. The image of Jacob’s ladder wasn’t based on a… Continue reading my NEXT poem

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MOMentum: A Sacred Place

This is dedicated to mommies everywhere who perhaps spend time everyday  in some sacred place in their homes bringing correction to a little soul in their care and thereby showing forth the beauty of the gospel. A  Sacred Place The bathroom is her room of choice To correct a wayward  girl or boy She  takes… Continue reading MOMentum: A Sacred Place

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Okay, so after re-reading Izzy’s little assigned poem to memorize, and feeling sufficiently convicted – i took relief in the fact that the first line is wrong: True worth is never in my being anything but in Christ. So that led me to re-think this little rhyme. True worth is in the only Being; Who… Continue reading Rewritten


A Convicting Little Rhyme

Israel is memorizing this little rhyme in his Language Lessons this week. I find it rather convicting. I think I’ll memorize it with him 🙂 . True worth is in being, not seeming; In doing each day that goes by Some little good; not in the dreaming Of great things to do by and by.… Continue reading A Convicting Little Rhyme

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Low Down on Relo Part 3: The Tightrope Girl

Here is a poem(thanks to Zoanna’s suggestion) I wrote that attempts to describe my experience of being suspended between two places. A tightrope stretched between Two skyscraping towers called Known and Unknown She stands at the top Toes to the edge He says Go Shaky foot Thumping heart Heavy boxes on her back She sets… Continue reading Low Down on Relo Part 3: The Tightrope Girl

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Meditation on Matthew 5:1-2

I am studying the Sermon on the Mount right now (this book has been extremely helpful). One thing I have been enjoying lately is trying to use poetry as a means of slowing down and really meditating on a small passage of scripture. The result isn’t so much a good poem, it is that I… Continue reading Meditation on Matthew 5:1-2


The Bucket and the Fountain*

This poem was inspired by a teaching called The Supremacy of God in Prayer * by John Piper.  Well, here it goes: The Bucket and the Fountain A foolish lady labored gravely struggling up a mountain, With a bucket full of dirty water to pour into a Fountain. This Fountain gushed with grace and mercy… Continue reading The Bucket and the Fountain*