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Dinner Tonight

Here are the topics covered in dinner conversations tonight: Pete Rose and his being banned from the Hall of Fame. Donte Stallworth accidentally killing a man by reckless driving. Jason explaining international trading systems in soccer. (snooooorrrre…oops, excuse me, I think I dozed off for a second). Quick drill of post office abbreviations for as… Continue reading Dinner Tonight

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Too Funny Not to Share

This is an improv group that does “stunts” across the nation. In this case, they pull off a spontaneous musical about napkins in a California mall. It’s really funny. Unfortunately, the security officer cusses (“what the h*** is going on here?”) at 2:44 so you may not want to have little ears around. Otherwise, it… Continue reading Too Funny Not to Share

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Beth’s Tag

Beth who is very busy and important, tagged me. Here are my answers, finally! What were you doing 10 years ago? I was getting a lot of strange looks strolling my one year old twins while preggers with Izzy…naively thinking, “what’s one more?” Favorite Snacks Pita chips and hummus sugar candy flan To Do List… Continue reading Beth’s Tag

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I’m a Weirdo…

and I’ll prove it to you. Fishmama tagged me to write seven weird things about me. 1. I love fuzzy baby heads. I can’t keep my hands off of them.  I think my kids had bald patches from where I had rubbed their heads. And one time I unthinkingly rubbed one of my friends’ kids… Continue reading I’m a Weirdo…

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Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…

…you’ll love this story.  Be sure to listen to the entire thing.  This isn’t just a feel-good sports story, it really brings glory to God.  The end is what is truly amazing. Please keep in mind that the radio talk show host is NOT a Christian.  For important background information, read this.  Johnny MacArthur, the… Continue reading Even If You’re Not A Sports Fan…