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“Young women need to be taught, but not necessarily by other young women. Age brings wisdom and maturity which can only be gained through experience. Young women can be very strong in their opinions about what makes a good homemaker, but they can lack the wisdom and understanding needed to teach with balance. For example,… Continue reading educational methodology

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Homeschool and Home Management

One of the challenges of homeschooling the kids is how to manage the rest of the household duties and keep some semblance of order in the home. The reason why this is a unique challenge for a homeschool family is three-fold (but there could be other things I’m not thinking of): first, the house is… Continue reading Homeschool and Home Management


Every Homeschool Mom Needs This

Humility. God may choose to use homeschooling as a wonderful means for showcasing your gifts and strengths for His glory. But in my case, God is using homeschooling – parenting in general – to showcase my weakness, not my strength. Don’t be surprised if you find this to be true. Turn to Him. He is… Continue reading Every Homeschool Mom Needs This


An Ordinary Homeschool Day in Pictures

Ahhhh, a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll spare you hundreds of them and just give a few observations: 1.  My unfolded laundry is on the dining room table, but I still feel happy because it is clean. 2. Lebron James had an influence on our school day today. Jason went to the Cavs… Continue reading An Ordinary Homeschool Day in Pictures


Another, not so ordinary, homeschool mom writes

My friend, Zoanna, over at Penchant for Pens, wrote a post – the first of hopefully many – about homeschooling. Zoanna has something I don’t have…fruit of her labors. Her adult children are excellent students, thriving in college, and serving the Lord. Read about her re-entry into homeschool here. If any of my experienced home… Continue reading Another, not so ordinary, homeschool mom writes


Homeschooling for Ordinary Mothers

Many of my friends who sent their kiddies to the church school in MD are now considering the option of homeschooling because, sadly, due to economic difficulty, the church school is closing after this year. I want to make sure that anyone reading this understands that though I homeschool my kids, I do not think… Continue reading Homeschooling for Ordinary Mothers

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Linky Loo: on relo and homeschool

I really enjoyed reading this wise post Desiree wrote about relocating. I also loved Tara‘s perspective on homeschooling. I especially liked how she articulated what didn’t motivate her to homeschool. Read about it here. Thank you, Tara, for your excellent example of having a heart for the lost.