O Come All Ye Unfaithful

We sang the familiar, O Come All Ye Faithful last Sunday. As I stood on the risers singing along with the choir, faith, joy, and triumph filled my heart. But that was Sunday. And I’m not naive enough to think that I will or even can ever be perfectly faithful, joyful, and triumphant. So, I’m… Continue reading O Come All Ye Unfaithful


Humbling Holidays

Christmas accentuates what is true of me all year long, that I have serious limitations. Limitations of creativity. of time. of capacity. of energy. of money. Christmas accentuates what is true of me all year long, that I am a sinner. Sins of pride. Anxiety. Anger. Self sufficiency. And yet Christmas also accentuates what is… Continue reading Humbling Holidays


Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls: Clothing

Last time I mentioned doing a little list of Christmas gifts for teenage girls that was fashion related. As I thought about it, I think “clothing-related” is a better description. Fashion is so varied and individual. What my girl likes could be different from yours. So I’m making this about fun clothing gifts that are somewhat… Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls: Clothing


Christmas Presents for Teenage Girls

I have been wanting to do this series for a couple of years now because I love getting ideas for Christmas gifts from others and I figure teens are what I do, so I’ll share my ideas and hope it helps other parents out there looking for ideas. I will break it up in categories and… Continue reading Christmas Presents for Teenage Girls

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Dinner Tonight

Here are the topics covered in dinner conversations tonight: Pete Rose and his being banned from the Hall of Fame. Donte Stallworth accidentally killing a man by reckless driving. Jason explaining international trading systems in soccer. (snooooorrrre…oops, excuse me, I think I dozed off for a second). Quick drill of post office abbreviations for as… Continue reading Dinner Tonight

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Heart Attacks, Drunk Men, and the Gospel

It was a crazy Sunday morning. I received news at 9:30 that my mom had a heart attack (I thought maybe typing those words would make it seem more real to me – it doesn’t – I still can’t believe she had a heart attack!). Frantic doesn’t even describe the next half hour. Fortunately, I… Continue reading Heart Attacks, Drunk Men, and the Gospel

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MOMentum*: The Mother’s Fight for Patience

*MOMentum is a new feature of Ordinary Mother. My hope is to harness the power of the gospel to impel us forward in our pursuit of biblical womanhood. This poem is my attempt to capture three different seasons of motherhood that require patience and one all-encompassing motivator and sustainer of patience: the cross of Jesus… Continue reading MOMentum*: The Mother’s Fight for Patience