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The Best, Worst Year

August 2, 2010 – We packed our van and left Akron, Ohio to come back home to Maryland. August 2, 2011 – Jason’s first day as Pastor of evangelism and outreach for Sovereign Grace Church of New Jersey . When I consider the time between those dates, one theme emerges against the black backdrop of… Continue reading The Best, Worst Year

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Heart Attacks, Drunk Men, and the Gospel

It was a crazy Sunday morning. I received news at 9:30 that my mom had a heart attack (I thought maybe typing those words would make it seem more real to me – it doesn’t – I still can’t believe she had a heart attack!). Frantic doesn’t even describe the next half hour. Fortunately, I… Continue reading Heart Attacks, Drunk Men, and the Gospel

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Confessions of a Relocated Pastor’s Wife part 1

Recently, I had the privilege of writing over at the Sovereign Grace Pastors’ Wives’ blog on the topic of my relocating to Ohio. This article is a condensed (plus some new stuff) version of bits and pieces I have already written on the topic here (in Akron Adventure on the side bar). The following is… Continue reading Confessions of a Relocated Pastor’s Wife part 1

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Relo #11: Relo with Kiddos – schedule

Each family is different, therefore what works for them during a relocation will be different. My friend Marilyn relocated with her two teenagers and what worked for her was to take the summer in stride, ease into life, and let the schedule go. This worked for her and she felt rested and refreshed when she… Continue reading Relo #11: Relo with Kiddos – schedule

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Jazzercise for Jesus

My name is Laurie Reyes, and I jazzercise. Did you even know it existed anymore? Well it does in Wadsworth, OH . If I begin donning shiny spandex unitard, leg warmers, and coordinating head and wristbands, somebody please do an intervention. So it all started when my dear, sweet husband surprised me with a one… Continue reading Jazzercise for Jesus

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Relo #10: Relo with Kiddos

It is one thing to have faith to leave family, friends, church, a support system, etc. It requires a whole other level of faith to do this to your children. Not many things grieve me like the idea of my children growing up without the everyday influence of their grandparents (including a godly great granny),… Continue reading Relo #10: Relo with Kiddos

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Relo #9: Where “for the sake of the gospel” Meets Real Life

As I type, my cyber-friend Tara is probably rushing around her house getting ready for a showing this evening at 5 pm (MST). Tara just got home yesterday from an extended time away. She has three young children and homeschools her oldest. Not only does she need to get her vacation laundry done, restock her… Continue reading Relo #9: Where “for the sake of the gospel” Meets Real Life