I am truly ordinary. Not a superstar. You will not find feets of domesticity, or brilliant parenting tips here. You won’t learn how to simplify your life, or save money. There aren’t gourmet recipes or beautiful crafts and scrapbook pages. What you will find here is an ordinary mother whose only hope and help are in her extraordinary Savior, Jesus Christ.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Shelley and I were in MD for Christmas and stopped by the church and saw Jason. He told me about your Blog website. Cute photos of the family.
    We would love to see you if you’re ever visiting South Carolina. Send me an email and request our recent Christmas photo.

    Take care,


  2. Hi! I don’t know you, but want to tell you how much I’m enjoying your site. I stumbled upon it while searching for some help with a housework schedule. (I have 2 little boys and haven’t quite figured out the “trick” yet! =) )
    Anyway, our youngest (8 months) is also named Caleb and when I saw a post about your Caleb it caught my eye so I kept looking. It’s nice to read about your beautiful family. My husband and I are missionaries in NJ with a prison ministry.
    God bless!
    Debby Jimenez

  3. Debby, thanks for visiting. I pray God will prosper your ministry to those in prison. I’m headed over to your site for a little visit as well.

  4. Hi Laurie=) I found your site through girltalk. What an honor LOL=) I love your site and your family is beautiful. I am always looking for new “bloggy” friends=)!

  5. I also wanted to say I just read all your recipes and I am ready to cook them all up…especially the carnitas! YUM! Plus- I have been looking for a whole grain pancake recipe! Thanks!

  6. Hi Laurie,

    I am not sure if you will remember me. I attended Chesapeake Community Church back in the very early 2000’s. It’s OK if you don’t remember me. I do remember you. I came to yours and Jason’s house there for the Single’s Care Group.

    I have been reading your blog and I enjoyed it so much it inspired me to start my own. It is called A Woman’s Life In Christ. It is on Blogger.com Please read if you want to. I have a picture of myself on there. If you don’t remember me perhaps it will jog your memory.

    Two possible “memory joggers”….I lived in Rising Sun, MD back then and had a guy best friend named Mark Hayes.

    Anywho, I am now a fan of your blog. Hope to hear from you sometime.

  7. I stumbled pleasantly upon your sight while I was reading Josh harris’s blog and he reference a post from May of 08. That particular post was exactly what I needed to hear today.

    I am also very very ordinary, and completely humbled everyday by my two kids, 3 years and 9 months old. I am exhausted right now and needed to be reminded about gospel opportunities. I also have a blog http://peterzworldblog.blogspot.com/ if you’re interested in knowing more about our life her in California.

    Thanks for you candid approach to living out the Life of Christ to our husbands and children.

  8. HI. I dont do blogs. & as a safety percaution over our marriage we completely avoid facebook, myspace & all that stuff! But today i came upon your site while looking for banana bread recipe’s, & after finding one w/ CHOCOATE CHIPS (thank u!!), I saw your note about your daughter & dicipline and your husbands Godly encouragement. it just blessed me where I am with my daughters. God teaches me through my 2 & 1yr old more than ive learned in the 9 yrs ive been a believer! Weve been serving in a small older, up and coming kind of church for 8 months now since moving from up north, and i despreatly miss th encouragement, and bond of other women/ mothers that id grown close with. Ive not got that here & though i tend to be a recluse homebody anyway Im missing the connection & blessing of fellowship with other stayat home moms like me. Thank you for your honest, plain & not overly superfantastic mom-of-the-century website. IIts not intimidating to post my thoughts. Thank you for this oppertunity to vent to someone other than my tired of hearing women problems, husband. He too is very encouraging but theres nothing like the wise words of other frazzled Godly women who know the Healing of the 1 and only heavenly Father. Thanks, & bless you. – ps. theres no spell check so forgive my, surely many mistakes!

  9. hi tryin to get a copy of “The Supremacy of God in Prayer” by John Piper can you help me? i lost my cd and i dont want to order a new one do you have an mp3 file?

  10. Greetings,
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