O Come All Ye Unfaithful

We sang the familiar, O Come All Ye Faithful last Sunday. As I stood on the risers singing along with the choir, faith, joy, and triumph filled my heart.

But that was Sunday.

And I’m not naive enough to think that I will or even can ever be perfectly faithful, joyful, and triumphant. So, I’m grateful that though it would be unappealing as a Christmas hymn, we could still sing the song like this: O, Come, all ye unfaithful, joyless, and defeated. And we would still be singing truth.

Advent is all about “coming.” Because Jesus came, we can come faithful, joyful, and triumphant; but we can also come unfaithful, joyless, and defeated. Here are some advent verses to consider:

Come, everyone who thirsts (Isaiah 55:1)

Come, let us return to the Lord (Hosea 6:1)

Come unto Me all who are weak and heavy laden (Matthew 11:28)

As I sang on Sunday I prayed these words back to God.

O Come, only perfectly faithful One,

only perfectly joyful One,

only perfectly triumphant One.

Come again this day and fill our hearts with wonder at what You have done. Come and wake us up to the stunning beauty of Christmas. Come, shine your light on our dark and distracted minds that we may behold your glory and truly deeply adore You.

More advent verses to consider:

I will come again and take you with Me. (John 14:3)

Jesus is the One who was and is and is to come. (Revelation 1:4)

Come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

Come gather your people that we may sing with choirs of angels, beholding the King of Ages, adoring the One who came, and continues to arrive faithfully, joyfully, and triumphantly.



One thought on “O Come All Ye Unfaithful

  1. Hello, fellow Hope Writer! Enjoyed looking around your lovely blog. We share the same Button theme template ;-} Blessings on your 2016!

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