Christmas Presents for Teenage Girls

I have been wanting to do this series for a couple of years now because I love getting ideas for Christmas gifts from others and I figure teens are what I do, so I’ll share my ideas and hope it helps other parents out there looking for ideas. I will break it up in categories and by gender, but a lot of this could be for guys or girls. I may do a unisex category… we will see.

Bedroom Decor

Not every girl is into this, but in the age of Pinterest many have lots of ideas for what they want their little nest to look and feel like. And a benefit is that they may want to keep it clean if it looks the way they like it. Here are the things Maggie actually asked for this Christmas.

  1. Wall hanging. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.39.14 AMThis is great because it isn’t permanent. It also covers a lot of space so you won’t have 12 posters of whatever on the wall. This could also be used to add interest to bedding.
  2. Duvet insert. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.47.22 AMWhat I love about a duvet insert is that they look great as they are…Maggie actually wants to keep it just white…but you can change out the covers as her tastes change. Ikea has a great selection of duvet inserts and covers and they are relatively inexpensive. I think of this as somewhat of an investment piece because of its versatility. An idea may be to buy the insert and attach a gift card to Ikea  or Bed Bath and Beyond or wherever so she can pick out the cover for herself.
  3. A nice pillow. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.50.23 AMMaybe we are weird, but we are very into comfortable pillows. My daughter has been asking for this particular pillow for over a year now. It’s pricey, but again…an investment.
  4. Fluffy fuzzy blankie. Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.55.27 AMMaggie didn’t ask for this, but about every other year I buy my kids new blankies. Ask their friends, my kids are pretty much obsessed with having a blanket on at all times when they are home. Do not make the mistake I made in the beginning and buy a “throw” sized blankie. It must be at least twin size if not bigger. Seriously, they need to be able to wrap up like a little teenage bundle of joy. I linked to Amazon, but you can find these much cheaper at walmart, target, or BBB.
  5. Plants. Cacti. Succulents. Air plants. All of these are really trendy right now and best part is they are hearty! My friend Sarah reminded me about this. She has a ton of fabulous ideas in the comment box so check it out!

Tomorrow…or another day…or possibly never because it is me we are talking about….I will hit the category of fashion for teen girls.

Would you be a doll and add some ideas via comment? Thanks!!!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents for Teenage Girls

  1. Love this!!!! My 13 1/2 year old daughter wanted to transform her room for Christmas as well.. Love the blanket idea!!! That’s on her list! She showed me some Pinterest ideas & she loves to create! So accustome to her likes she is receiving a “craft me” gift with sticks, paint & a glass vase for corner eye appeal with bohemian tones! The $8.00 Anthropologie mug with a plant in it to represent new life & a new year ahead!(she says she wants life in her room) Materials to craft a more updated dream catcher! Plywood, paint & knobs to make a necklace holder. (Updating the one she has) Changing the knobs on dressers is always fun & inexpensive!!!! We also paint our thrift store lamp shades & lamps to update rooms! Lastly, planks of wood, nails & yarn to create her own wall art!

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