Hello, Old Friend


a lot has changed over the years…and some things haven’t changed at all.

I love this place. This blog where I sat, more likely stood, in my kitchen in Abingdon, MD and clicked through the buttons that ended up creating Ordinary Mother. I wrote about the stuff I was turning over and over in my mind mostly with regard to motherhood. And something amazing happened. People, granted, not many, read my blog. And we had a great little community of friends. Most of my friends still write on their blogs, but babies have been born, moves have been made, seasons have come and gone, and honestly Facebook and Instagram happened making quick connections so easy. Anyway, my blog is hanging out there in cyberspace, unwritten and unread. But I am so glad that I wrote when I did. I am so grateful to have accounts of my life, of my kiddos, even of recipes and links and quotes that were part of my world back in the day. It is here forever. I love to visit. Just opening up this website and clicking on the “compose” icon gives me a little sense of nostalgia. What am I turning over in my mind these days?

  1. College choices for my boys. Why is there such a stigma attached to community college? Should we let Izzy go away to school? How in the world could he/we possibly afford that?
  2. It’s harder for girls to go to school than boys….at least for us. Maggie started full time at the Christian school the boys attended. Academically, she’s doing awesome. Socially, far more complicated. When the boys started, they joined the soccer team and “bam! instant friend group!” Maggie is having a harder time figuring it all out. She isn’t used to being around girls all day, so it’s a learning curve.
  3. My husband has chronic fatigue syndrome. At least that’s what they call it when all the tests come back telling you how healthy you are, but you are still exhausted all the time. He has handled this incredibly well, but it is really hard. It has changed our way of life. It’s been over two years. Sometimes this feels normal. Sometimes this feels really crappy.
  4. I love having teenagers. I seriously, absolutely love it. I will unabashedly say that I have the best kids ever. I love their  personalities. I love seeing their interests and abilities develop. I love watching them be big boys and a little lady. My kids make me laugh all of the time. And they keep me desperate for Jesus all of the time. There is never a moment that I’m not simultaneously blown away by how amazing they are, yet terrified by some area of their lives that needs to change. It’s both things together. Awe and terror. And I love it.
  5. I love my church. We have been here for over four years and I still pinch myself that we get to be part of something so great. Church is our life. Maybe that’s a problem…I’m the first to say that I am not evangelistic enough. But honestly, I have no idea how I would do my life if I wasn’t part of this church. I couldn’t do these teen years. I couldn’t do marriage with chronic fatigue-husband. I couldn’t grow in my faith, in my love for God, in my love for others. I need church. I need this church. And I feel like I need it more than ever before. The sermons, the community groups, the youth ministry, the young adult ministry, the fellowship, the growth groups, the up close examples of incredible faith and servanthood, the friendships – These are God’s lifelines as I navigate through the waters of my life these days.
  6. Prayer. I saw the movie War Room and it really affected me. It made me want to pray more. At the same time, Warren Boettcher (our senior pastor) has felt a burden that we pray more as a staff, so we are. I am better at reading and journaling than I am at praying, so this is difficult for me, but I hear the invitation from God to pray pray pray…so that’s a front burner spiritual thought lately.
  7. Writing. I’m spending at least one day a week doing “writing workshop” with my son Joshua. It is one of my favorite things ever. We go to a different coffee shop each time to rate the coffee (in his case a frap or the equivalent), the atmosphere, the convenience of the location. We both just sit and write for about 2 hours. Sometimes he reads me his stuff and I tell him about my stuff. I’m hoping to get some of that writing on here eventually.

This is just an exercise in opening the blog, and doing stream of consciousness-style writing. I needed to get my brain back in this direction. I over complicate it. I feel like I need to have something helpful, edifying, brilliant (Ha!) to say.  Well, I’m just going to write. I’m going to sometimes polish it up, but sometimes I’m just going to dump it out like this. And one day, in five years, I may look back at this very post and think how glad I was that I took the time to write stuff down because it will all be different things in the future,  just like it’s so different now from what it was when I started the aptly named blog, Ordinary Mother.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Old Friend

  1. I’m so glad you are resuming writing your blog. I love that you love raising your teens in a season of “awe and terror” that has you both thanking God for the work He’s accomplishing in their lives and, at the same time, crying out to God for more grace and more wisdom to serve your teens well. I am so blessed to see the wonderful work that God has done and continues to do in your life as a woman, a wife, and a mother who serves the Lord with gladness and joy. You have no idea how grateful to God I am to be your father and to have a front row seat to be consistently amazed at all that God is doing in your and your family’s life!

  2. Thanks, Dad! And just like I wrote in the post right before this one, I am grateful to God that you see the work of God when I so often see the mess that still remains in me. I love you.

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