Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls: Clothing

Last time I mentioned doing a little list of Christmas gifts for teenage girls that was fashion related. As I thought about it, I think “clothing-related” is a better description. Fashion is so varied and individual. What my girl likes could be different from yours. So I’m making this about fun clothing gifts that are somewhat… Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls: Clothing


Christmas Presents for Teenage Girls

I have been wanting to do this series for a couple of years now because I love getting ideas for Christmas gifts from others and I figure teens are what I do, so I’ll share my ideas and hope it helps other parents out there looking for ideas. I will break it up in categories and… Continue reading Christmas Presents for Teenage Girls


Hello, Old Friend

a lot has changed over the years…and some things haven’t changed at all. I love this place. This blog where I sat, more likely stood, in my kitchen in Abingdon, MD and clicked through the buttons that ended up creating Ordinary Mother. I wrote about the stuff I was turning over and over in my… Continue reading Hello, Old Friend