Quick Re-introduction

19756_1339922505080_1441696425_30933487_6252576_nAs I begin writing about this season of having 3 teens and a tween, I want to begin with  a few basics about our family today.

1.  My sons, Joshua and Caleb are 15. Israel is 14. And my baby girl, Maggie, is 11 years old!

2. We live in Mount Laurel, NJ. I never dreamed I’d live in NJ, but I have to say I absolutely love it. We have Philadelphia just 15 minutes away, the beach 1 hour away, NYC 1 hour away, and our family is just 1.5 hours away. It really is a perfect location for us! And I’m even learning to drive around here, which isn’t easy, trust me!

3. Jason is an associate pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Marlton, NJ. He is loving his job, his fellow pastors, and the church. In fact, we all love the church here. My children are blessed to be part of a really great youth group. They have more social opportunities than I even thought possible. It’s a wonderful and busy church community, and we love it.

4.  We are homeschooling again after taking a year off two years ago while the kids enjoyed New Covenant Christian School. We have a really good co-op here at church, so the kids are able to take classes from others who are way more equipped to teach them at the high school level. The twins are in 10th grade, Israel is in 9th grade, and Maggie is in 6th grade.

5.  The men-folk in our family are still into sports. All three boys love soccer. Joshua is mildly obsessed with basketball. Izzy is playing basketball too, this season. Caleb is going to try snowboarding for the first time this winter, heaven help us…I feel a trip to the ER is in my future. Maggie is interested in theater. She is a good little singer, like her cousin Sierra. She played Tessie in Annie last summer, and this Friday night she will be in the homeschool Christmas Musical at church.

6. The kids are still playing their instruments. Caleb plays guitar, Josh plays drums, Izzy plays bass but isn’t as into it these days. Maggie could be their lead singer, but they think that would be too cheesy. We will see what happens as they get older. 🙂

If the kids will agree to it, I want to interview each of them individually so I’ll have a record of what they were like at this age when I look back ten more years down the road!

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