Blessing Boosters Part 1: Life is Short; Kids are Eternal

I sit at the kitchen table where my computer barely has room. Around me are two cups half full, and empty box of raisins, two bottles of men’s shampoo/body wash (how random!), a potato peeler, a coupon, an empty sandwich bag, and the latest book on cd I’ve been listening to while I work in the kitchen. I’m getting ready to go on vacation, which if you’re a mom, you know there is a ton of work to do and I probably shouldn’t be sitting here typing on my computer, but I need to take a breath and this is how I do that. Pardon the “messiness” of this post. No time to polish. 🙂

As I look at the mess around me, most of it not created by me, I want to remind myself of two things: 

1. Life is short. Along with the trash on the table is list Maggie made of all that she plans to pack for vacation. She has categories. One is bed items. Another is clothing. A third is car ride. Beside each item there are two boxes to be checked off. One for when she packs, the other for when she leaves the beach to make sure she doesn’t forget anything. So I look at this list, and I see my ten year old girl using her gift of administration in it’s little ten-year-old form. I don’t want to miss the “list” for all of the trash that surrounds it. These days, weeks, months, and years are zooming by at break neck pace now. The older they get, the faster it seems to go. I want to remember that even in the midst of all of the messiness of family life, this season I am in with my children is zooming by. I sooooo want to slow down and enjoy it as much as possible because life, particularly life with our kids, is just so short!

2. Children are eternal. It is true. Their souls will live forever, Lord willing, in the presence of God both here and after. So any time I choose to invest in my children, whether it’s time, affection, training, etc. I’m investing in something, or rather someone of eternal value. The laundry only seems eternal. Just like kids sometimes feel so very “here and now”. 

So as I prepare for vacation, I have a choice to make right here, right now. I can view the extra work that didn’t come with extra time as a burden, or I can view it as an amazing opportunity to slow down and enjoy my family in the season we are currently in, and do my part in making treasured memories that will last an eternity. Truly, what a blessing!


3 thoughts on “Blessing Boosters Part 1: Life is Short; Kids are Eternal

  1. Not only is it too fast, but you can’t go back and make any corrections. Enjoy the many moments God gives you with your precious family. Have a great time at the beach!

  2. The end of your post was just what I needed to read/hear today. I wrote it verbatim in my prayer/quiet time Journal. Thank you!

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