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Burden Builder #2: comparison…again!

There are many moms experiencing a tremendous amount of guilt and anxiety over their feelings for one of their children. We dearly love our kids, but maybe you have a problem child. Maybe you have a socially awkward child. Maybe you have a child who is just like you or not like you at all, but for whatever reason, compared to his or her siblings, this kiddo makes your life more difficult. We as moms, especially as christian moms, would have a very difficult time admitting to ourselves let alone anyone else that we resent one of our own children. If I could, I’d pour you a cup of coffee, sit across the table from you and remind you that for sinful moms, love never really comes naturally. In God’s common, restraining grace, He has given moms a maternal instinct that connects us to our babies as if they were our own hearts walking around outside of our bodies (i can’t remember who i stole that description from, but isn’t it perfect?). And yet, though we know we would not think twice about dying for any of our children, the day in day out loving them – especially when they are being difficult to love –  is not natural because of sin, ours and theirs. And if you were sitting across from me at my dining room table I would tell you that this child is perhaps your greatest blessing because he or she is actually keeping you in reality about yourself and your need for Jesus. Anything…anyone who turns you to Christ in desperation is an ultimate source of tremendous blessing.

If you haven’t had a chance to, read some of the conversations in the comment box. You can feel free to ask questions there as well… I have lots of wise ladies who will comment, or write a post of their own.

Just a consideration… if you have a difficult child I would want you to have a safe place to share your struggle. This is not that place. You could speak in generalities here, but don’t forget to protect your kiddo’s reputation. I know most of you gals, and these sentences are probably completely unnecessary, but just in case, I want to say be careful with your details!

2 thoughts on “Burden Builder #2: comparison…again!

  1. Just caught up on all these posts. They are all really encouraging & I’m glad to share them w the girls at Grace–love your voice on these things to second what we’re all encouraging each other with!

  2. Hi, I don’t know how else to contact you: would you terribly mind going back to your records of July 1, 2008 and deleting my entry?? It very important to me as I had posted on your site my email address and name and when I google it is out there public for everyone to see. ?? my initials (in case this goes public) are ”she” so it goes sorta like this….shenss
    I am trying to get as ”less public” as possible as with everything. Since you ahve my email would you mind telling me if/when you do this?

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