Help me make a little place to work


Inspired by my friend Beth, the Sassy Domestic (extraordinaire), I’d like to make this little slice of my bedroom a space for me to study, plan, and write. Try to disregard the seasick green walls… I’ll deal with those this summer. I’d love for my beauty-minded gals to send ideas, links, photos for how to make it a place I want to be. And I’d love my common sense genius/ practical gals to help me think through what to put where.
Can you help a girl out?!


16 thoughts on “Help me make a little place to work

  1. Oh this will be fun! You are sweet to link me and give me a shout out 🙂 I would definitely put some sort of board in front of you — tall and narrow that you can pin/clip things to. On Pinterest (if you haven’t already) start a board for your little desk area. The desk size is really cute. You may not like facing the wall (I face the wall) but if you have a window nearby it’s not too bad. I’d get a taller lamp, a favorite picture, candle, place to listen to music, phone charger, cord area and laptop area. The drawers are nice to have! Oh what fun this will be!

  2. Angie, thanks!
    Beth, those are exactly the ideas I’m looking for. LOVE the shelves. Bri, are you being serious? I’m honestly asking. My water bottle is purely functional and made it’s way into the picture (not part of decor). I probably wouldn’t put a pitcher and a glass in a space that small. I’m too clumsy. the desk is pretty tiny.

  3. You could cover you chair in a fun fabric that coordinates with the color scheme/fabrics that you have going on in the room. Definately a taller lamp and I love Beth’s idea of the board. Changing the hardware and painting the desk is another way to update it…or just changing the chair color for some pop. 🙂

  4. It’s funny. While I was sweeping the kitchen floor that same day I commented, I realized what a dumb suggestion mine was esp. given I just spilled hot tea all over my computer. Yeah…keep a closed lid water bottle. 🙂

  5. Hands down, this has to be my favorite color of desk and color combo. The wall is a bit busy for me, but still very, very ridiculously awesome:

  6. I’d say repaint the desk a cool color and possibly switch out the hardware. And definitely a little board on the wall: pinboard, ribbon board, or something.

  7. The fabric covered/ribbon crossed board that Beth suggested would be awesome, then you can post stuff up & things you don’t want to pin thru can tuck behind the ribbons. I saw directions to make one once somewhere–didn’t look too complicated. also sometimes 5 & below or Marshalls has those boards.
    I was thinking of suggesting a magnetic chalk board or magnetic chalkboard paint that you border in with wood trim for depth–then it’s the size you want it, but that would have to wait til your summer painting project 🙂
    Lamps–something more interesting–thinking to shoot for your lighting style bright or muted–IKEA is VERY handy to you & has great options…please tell me you have shopped there before. If not, we have to make a double date. Ian really enjoys it.
    Chair–paint & cover–Fabric for that size wouldn’t be too expensive although I just noticed maybe it does really match your bedding after all–but some stripes or plaid that coordinated would give more of a “pop”
    Hardware–I had to switch mine on the antique desk that came down from my mom, I found a cheap, nice looking solution at Lowe’s.
    a little basket for pens & scrap paper
    For your mother’s day wish list: a petite ipod dock for your phone that could double as a charger? 🙂
    Well that’s all my ideas 🙂 Painting the desk black would be an option too
    thanks for the chance to spout off decor ideas!!

  8. Beth, the green desk is adorable. I just might do that. I am digging a burnt-tangerine lately too. I have a pic on pinterest of a bedroom with the color scheme I’m considering for my bedroom. take a looksy if you get a chance. It would help me figure out desk color.

  9. Rachel, we did shop there once and I love that IKEA. I love the view of the water. so fabulous. it’s only 20 minutes from my house. Let’s meet there! We’d love to double…anywhere. you name time and place.

  10. A pretty, comfortable chair. You can make it pretty but if it isn’t comfortable, replace it. I think a wall hanging lamp with a swingarm would do nicely, clearing your workspace and being task adjustable. A workspace must have note space so the board ideas are great. And room for books is a must for a functional study space. I see the shelves (not too deep) more in front of the desk with the note space to your right, as you will be sitting to the right and shelves on the right would feel crowded. Keep the desktop pretty but not cluttered. Enjoy your space!!

  11. Maybe you’ve already decided on colors or bought accessories by now (I’m a little late reading this), but I also love the green desk linked by Beth. A tangerine painted chair with a green and tangerine print chair pad could be quite fun. The chair seat should be easy to pop out and recover. White wood hardware, perhaps? Something that plays to your love of 50’s patterns and styles. I love consignment shops for lamps. They’re fun to repaint. I say a flower vase and a few of your favorite prints ahead of you. Those pinboards can be mentally overstimulating if you’re not careful. Ask me how I know:)

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