Is it Time to Close This Blog?

Well, if you are one of the 3 people still subscribing to my pitiful piece of cyberspace also know as Ordinary Mother, you may have – or more likely did not – noticed the fact that I got a whopping 4 days into my 31 day challenge before life and laziness kept me from continuing to post.

And that’s the question for me sometimes: Is it life or laziness that keeps me from writing?” I can’t seem to get back on track with this blog. Maybe it’s facebook or Twitter. They are instant connection. It only requires a sentence or two. It’s way more of a conversation, which is what I like anyway. But has it made me lazy? I’ve retained the social networking and lost the writing and thinking.

I still journal. Maybe that’s it for me these days. I don’t know. Maybe I need to start over with a brand new blog, a new focus. I just don’t know how to get myself going again with writing in a more formal way. But I have a lot to say. I have a desire to be helpful with whatever  size influence the Lord gives (I’ve never had a big readership, but I love when something God has shown me helps or encourages someone else. Don’t you?)

Any suggestions? Many of my girlfriends who started their blogs around the time I did are still faithful to write. What helps you keep going? Maybe if I had more accountability? Help!



11 thoughts on “Is it Time to Close This Blog?

  1. Does it feel like a chore or is it something you WANT to do? I’d shut down Facebook and Twitter faster than my blog because I want to write, not just connect in the ways those social media outlet allow. I struggle with real writing with my blog too. Mainly because “my time” naps nowadays gets taken up with photo shoots and articles for other publications. But on my list of goals for next year is to write more faithfully–like twice a week. One thankful post and one real writing post.

    Lots of people who started blogging when we did have shut down their blogs too, though. I have more readers I don’t know than readers I do know, which is a switch from when I started. I think it’s just figuring out what fits you. Otherwise, this blog will just hang over your head as “one more thing to do.” And maybe it’s not for you right now.

    Although, selfishly, I love your writing so I’d be thrilled if you “stay.” 😉

  2. I love your writing! It would be an encouragement to me just to read a few sentences if you shared from your journal weekly–one reason I enjoy it is because I actually know you in real life–that gives more weight to your words with me. I guess we all go through seasons though! If I get the writing urge I post a FB note since I’ve never actually blogged. I read yours & Blazing Center

  3. I also appreciate the things you post in your blogs. You are able to go into more depth and share what you are learning or have learned from God, which I think is very helpful. Just one woman’s opinion.

  4. I hope you keep your blog up. I have been greatly encouraged by what you write. However, we all only have so much time in the day, and blogging does take time. You are wise to seek your husbands counsel. If you do close it up, thank you for the posts that you’ve written over the years. God used them to minister to me a few years ago when I was going through a difficult time and I will always appreciate that.

  5. I hope you keep up with blogging – I have really enjoyed your insights, honesty, and wisdom. But it would be selfish of me to want that if it’s a burden to you. What a shame we just can’t meet up for coffee and chat instead!! 🙂

  6. I would never vote for you to stop writing. I rally missed your “voice” and insights nd humor while you took a long hiatus before. It was like a drought. Personally it is hard for me NOT to write since I love it . The only times I have been tempted to shut it down have been during serious depression or when the comments were so few I wondered if anyone was reading. I do think readers should encourage one another with comments more often. You have a meaningful blog and I would be blessed to read anything you put on here, no matter what.

  7. Thank you all for your kind encouragement. That’s something else I miss about blogging – the encouragement. In my normal life, I am called to do something that I am not good at doing: homeschooling my kids. I fail and fall short everyday, sometimes all day long. It’s not pretty, but it’s exactly where I see the beauty of the Savior most evidently displayed. Anyway, chronic failure in my everyday, small world makes the encouragement from a world outside of my home more meaningful. Thanks for taking time to encourage me. I want to be better about jumping from the google reader into the comment box on more blogs to give that encouragement to others.

  8. It’s so refreshing to hear you say that you are not good at homeschooling – neither am I!!! But I so desperately want to be and depend on and need grace daily…. 🙂

  9. I started reading your blog about 1.5 years ago and I can’t tell you how much it blessed me! I was stuck in a world of bandwagons and mommy-guilt and condemnation…I had tried to jump on so many of these bandwagons, finding my righteousness in methods and anything else I thought might fix me, and while I couldn’t seem to successfully jump on one without failing (that was God’s grace by the way!) I had a burden of guilt I was continuing to carry. God used (among other things) your bandwagon posts and your homemaking posts to free me from the “law” I was looking for to make me feel approved. Such freedom flooded into my soul from these writings! I love your simple passion to proclaim and be ALL ABOUT the gospel and biblical womanhood and not caught up in the peripheral issues we tend to get caught up in. Your writings reveal a REAL woman and you write with humility, honesty, and a tremendous desire to grow in and share your love for your Savior. It is beautiful and refreshing! I truly hope you will continue to blog as I think you are such a blessing to wives and mothers seeking the simplicity of the Gospel in all it’s beautiful reality and the impact of it on our everyday “mundane” lives, but if you decide not to I will continue to enjoy the writings you have already done, coming back to them when I need the encouragement and wisdom, and be very blessed! Thank you so much for sharing your life and journey with us!

  10. late to the conversation because I’ve fallen hopelessly behind in blog reading…but I think you know I do LOVE your blog, whenever you write, and would love to see more posts 🙂

    I, too, struggle very much with the discipline of writing…it isn’t for lack of ideas, or even for lack of time–it’s for lack of diligence. I could make the time (as evidenced by my ability to follow through with NaBloPoMo – the ONLY thing that seems to work for my blog!) I just don’t. For me, the problem is that my computer time is sucked up by laziness. Surfing Facebook and a message board is way easier and requires much less of me than composing thoughtful blog posts :/

    I will say that some of my best/most thoughtful blog posts come out of journal entries. They start in my journal in morning quiet time and get revised or (often) just retyped for the blog.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve got…feeling a little brain-dead tonight…but did want to encourage you…you aren’t the only one who struggles with laziness and lack of follow-through, and your words are helpful and edifying when they do get posted!

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