31 Days from House to Home: day 3 – A Packing Tip

I learned this little moving tip 3 or 4 moves ago, but it has been so helpful that I really need to pass it on. In fact, I didn’t have a chance to do this on my last move, and I really wish I had!

Make labels (computer labels) for the various rooms of your new house. Print several pages of the labels. Apply the label to each upper left hand corner of the box. Label all sides of the box. This way when people bring the boxes in you can identify the room it goes in without searching the top of the box. This is so much easier than writing on the box!

Also, I think it’s important to make a list of contents on the boxes that go in the kitchen. If you don’t have the luxury of unpacking it all at once, at least you can get to what you need without opening all of the boxes.

Do you have any tried and true moving tips?


2 thoughts on “31 Days from House to Home: day 3 – A Packing Tip

  1. I hope this does not seem strange but I used to read your blog a long time back but sort of gave up when there were no posts-I just saw you started reposting and am slightly confused as to the journey the Lord has led you on
    Sorry a complete stranger asking such a question but I have been blessed by your posts and am wondering where and how you are-is it in the blog somewhere?

  2. I wish I’d known about this when we moved in. I used colored sticky dots and hoped the “movers” (ie devoted friends who volunteered) would see the matching big dot on each room door upstairs or basement. But ya know, I forgot to put the dots on the doors, and by the time the movers got to the new house, they were so tired, they just piled boxes anywhere on the first floor they could find!

    Thanks for finally commenting on m blog. I had no idea you still read it.

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