Downy Ocean, Hon!

If you’re not from Baltimore, you are puzzled by my title. That’s how we say it here in MD. Even being here just a year, I have already resumed saying my O’s in the ole Bal’more way. It’s lovely. really. So I’m on vacation downy ocean, and not spending time crafting blog posts that require much thought.

As I was saying, Baltimore has a unique accent. Akronites don’t have much of an accent. Clevelanders do. It’s a really round, warm O and a really annunciated R.

What’s ahead in New Jersey? I don’t know. The area we will live in (if we ever sell the house in Akron for crying out loud, but no, I won’t whine here publicly on the blog. I will save that for Jason later. :), Cherry Hill-ish, is more of a suburb of Philadelphia, so I’m guessing that’s the accent I’m hearing when I visit. All I know is I’m excited about adding a little more animal print to my wardrobe. Doesn’t that seem like a New Jersey-ish thing to do? I have to admit, I didn’t see many gals donning bump-its in their hair, or animal print stilettos at Sovereign Grace Church, NJ. They just dress normal like my home girls in MD.

So besides maybe holding off on the increase in animal prints and big-hair products, does anyone have any advice on relocating to New Jersey?


One thought on “Downy Ocean, Hon!

  1. Don’t try pumping your own gas; it’s illegal. 😉 I’m sure you’ll get used to that real quick like. 🙂 Being from PA, I don’t know of any other benefit to the state of NJ. I grew up always hearing my folks complain about “stupid NJ drivers”. The upside…you are only moments away from the great state of Pennsylvania! 😉

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