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Trending now: #gospel-centered

Are you on twitter? I am. ( _jazzhands_ if you want to follow me.)  There are topics that trend on twitter all of the time. Today the trends so far are:

  • #mysuperpowerwouldbe
  • #thatsmydad
  • #imhappiestwhen
  • Marvins Room
  • Twitter
  • Pandora
  • Friday
  • Facebook
  • Drake

It could seem as though being gospel-centered is trending in Christianity right now. Have you noticed how many books are being written on being gospel-centered? There have been conferences on gospel-centered living. Blogs devoted to being gospel-centered. Many, even popular, worship songs centered on the gospel. Other more articulate bloggers have written about this gospel-centeredness that is impacting Christianity. The whole gospel-centered thing is big these days!

I know that when I use a word like trending there is cynicism hiding in the italics. I want to say at the outset, that I am not cynical about this surge of gospel-centeredness in reformed Christian circles today. I am so grateful! God has poured out His Spirit on the church and the Spirit loves to reveal the Savior who is at the center of the gospel.With this wonderful focus on being gospel-centered, I want to step back and see why the gospel should be at the center of my life (my worship, my marriage, my parenting, my growth in godliness, my interpretation of scripture, my affections, etc.).

When something seems to be a trend, it is easy to casually adapt the right “look”, maybe with good intentions, but with no real conviction. That’s why the “trending now” feature changes everyday on twitter. Trends aren’t embraced as serious, or captivating so people move on to the next thing. I am guilty of this with trying to be gospel-centered. I grow overly familiar with the truth so my heart is unaffected and I move on. But the gospel isn’t trending. The gospel is the ultimate event of all time – before time and to eternity, even!  I just happen to either recognize it as such, or wander from it towards other things that may be trending.

So, largely for my own benefit – because I constantly need to be reminded, but also for anyone else who wants to come with me, I want to write a few posts about why the gospel must be at the center of my life, not just a passing trend. I mentioned before that I think my flesh and the devil conspire together to obscure the gospel, or keep me satisfied with having it function as a mere trend in my life. I want to fight against that and writing about what I am reading, listening to, talking with friends about helps keep this beautiful reality, that Jesus came to save hell-bound sinners like me, at the center of my mind, my heart, and my life.

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