Downy Ocean, Hon!

If you’re not from Baltimore, you are puzzled by my title. That’s how we say it here in MD. Even being here just a year, I have already resumed saying my O’s in the ole Bal’more way. It’s lovely. really. So I’m on vacation downy ocean, and not spending time crafting blog posts that require… Continue reading Downy Ocean, Hon!

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Trending now: #gospel-centered

Are you on twitter? I am. ( _jazzhands_ if you want to follow me.)  There are topics that trend on twitter all of the time. Today the trends so far are: #mysuperpowerwouldbe #thatsmydad #imhappiestwhen Marvins Room Twitter Pandora Friday Facebook Drake It could seem as though being gospel-centered is trending in Christianity right now. Have… Continue reading Trending now: #gospel-centered

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On Basketball and the Gospel

I tried as I have tried many times before, but I just couldn’t do it. Jason has been watching the NBA finals lately, and because I somehow have a family obsessed with sports, I thought I would enter their world and try to watch a game last night.  I would like to pause here to… Continue reading On Basketball and the Gospel