My Story

There once was a princess who had lived a charmed life in the castle of her dreams with Prince Charming and four beautiful children. Having never had a bruise or a scrape, it came as quite a shock when her hip was rather violently dislocated and she would ever more walk with a limp.

The limping princess left her castle along with her Prince and four beautiful children. She returned to the land from which she came. A land of healing. A land where she could be who she really was – ugliness and all – and still be loved unconditionally.

Throughout the year, she wandered often from the well worn path of faith, only to discover the merciful, gracious hand of the King of Kings gently guiding her back. The heralding of Good News echoing in her ears and heart irresistibly drew her again and again.

Now the path of faith leads her away from her homeland into a land unknown. Though she still limps, she is not afraid. She doesn’t want to be a princess anymore. Her goal is to be something far more, a humble servant.

(not) The End.


6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Those limps can be frustrating or they can be precious reminders of our own humanity. It all depends on how we choose to see them.
    Nice finding your blog, Laurie.

  2. isn’t there a Tim Keller quote about, how do you know you’ve really met with God – you limp?

    sounds like quite a story. I hope we will get to hear more!

  3. developing quite the limp these days myself….

    tell me more… eager to hear and learn from you from afar 🙂

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