Another, not so ordinary, homeschool mom writes

My friend, Zoanna, over at Penchant for Pens, wrote a post – the first of hopefully many – about homeschooling. Zoanna has something I don’t have…fruit of her labors. Her adult children are excellent students, thriving in college, and serving the Lord. Read about her re-entry into homeschool here. If any of my experienced home… Continue reading Another, not so ordinary, homeschool mom writes


Homeschooling for Ordinary Mothers

Many of my friends who sent their kiddies to the church school in MD are now considering the option of homeschooling because, sadly, due to economic difficulty, the church school is closing after this year. I want to make sure that anyone reading this understands that though I homeschool my kids, I do not think… Continue reading Homeschooling for Ordinary Mothers


Wonder Working Power

I have been listening to this series from Covenant Life Church while I treadmill. Ordinarily, I would workout to music, but I’ve really been wanting to listen to the series based on the book by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington entitled Bookends of the Christian Life that profoundly impacted my life back in the beginnings… Continue reading Wonder Working Power


My New Peeps

You know how life experiences bond you to new sets of peeps? Planning a wedding gives you certain convo-starters with brides to be. Having a baby gives you a camaraderie with others who have given birth before you. Homeschooling adds vocabulary that your homeschool mom peeps understand. Life is full of these experiences that bring… Continue reading My New Peeps