An Ordinary Homeschool Day in Pictures

Ahhhh, a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll spare you hundreds of them and just give a few observations:

1.  My unfolded laundry is on the dining room table, but I still feel happy because it is clean.

2. Lebron James had an influence on our school day today. Jason went to the Cavs game yesterday and brought this poster home. It has inspired a lot of basement basketball in between subjects. I’m calling that physical education for today.

3. There is an empty granola bar wrapper next to Caleb. He isn’t supposed to eat snacks in the dining room (maybe I need to rethink that rule – I just realized that it is a dining room). Homeschooling makes us all have the munchies.

4.  There is still a stack of folding chairs against my living room wall from a meeting last Wednesday night. Didn’t notice it until I took this picture.

5.  Caleb can’t help but grin when I’m taking even so-called candid shots. He is doing History, by the way.

6. You may see the pencil sharpener on the piano….that is an essential for a homeschool situation – invest in a decent pencil sharpener!!!

Maggie is learning cursive this year. She’s in 3rd grade. (I think traditionally it’s taught in 2nd.) She loves this curriculum and worked hard on her verse picture.

My son Joshua was obsessed with solving the Rubik’s cube today. This child is determined to solve the puzzle. It sat next to him all day, even at lunch.

Caleb took this picture of us. I love the fact that Israel still likes me to snuggle next to him and take turns reading his history book with him. And Betsey is always my little shadow! (and I’m always freezing in my house, hence the scarf and jacket). (and yes, that is homeschool mom hair-do for sure.)


9 thoughts on “An Ordinary Homeschool Day in Pictures

  1. Caleb looks like he is talking on the cell phone – is he really schooling? I never schooled 4 at one time, my hat is off to you.

  2. Hey Seth is in third grade and just doing cursive too. No way could he do it in 2nd. His print was too messy. Hee hee

    love these pics.

    Ps go Lakers. Hee hee

  3. Nice. I noticed the grin on your Caleb’s face. Cute. And seeing your arm around a boy that size gives me hope and excitement for the years to come.

  4. I’m w/ your mom. keep posting pictures. I love seeing you all. 🙂 miss you much. will email you soon, I hope. 🙂 Don’t get much “down time” these days.

  5. I am so glad you are writing your blog again! I really love your posts and am always encouraged (and amused – I think we have the same sense of humour!)

    Can I ask what is the workbook your girlie is using for her cursive writing? My girl will be starting next year and I loved the use of scripture on that page.

    Thanks so much 🙂


    PS – Today I also had homeschool mum hair…. (sadly I left the house looking like that and forgot I was going to call in on my husband at work….. hello stereotype!!!)

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