Homeschooling for Ordinary Mothers

Many of my friends who sent their kiddies to the church school in MD are now considering the option of homeschooling because, sadly, due to economic difficulty, the church school is closing after this year. I want to make sure that anyone reading this understands that though I homeschool my kids, I do not think homeschooling is the only option for Christian families. It’s a good fit for my family, but it isn’t for everyone. So this is in no way meant to persuade anyone to attempt homeschooling.

My reason for writing a series on homeschooling is simply to help others who are just starting, and maybe get a conversation going in the comment box so that newbies aren’t intimidated by what’s out there. It’s kind of like when you first get pregnant and everywhere you go you are getting advice and information from tons of voices. This is helpful, but can be overwhelming, and really until you have the experience yourself, you really don’t know what was truly useful counsel. I want to be helpful, but please know that I am average at best. My kids are average at best. And there are way better resources out there to help you.

I want to begin by telling you some of the benefits of homeschooling (again, this isn’t to persuade – I’m sure I could make an equal list of benefits of traditional day school), it’s just to help inspire you that it isn’t all hard work and sanctification. These are random, not in order of importance.

1.  I don’t think I will  look back on my life and wish I had spent more time with my kids.

2. We can vacation anytime throughout the year.

3. Life feels more unified because I am pretty much confined to my domain (home).

4. I am learning way more as a teacher than I did as a student.

5. My children are experiencing every aspect of life together which I can’t help but believe will be incredibly bonding over the long haul.

6. Homeschool uniform really can be pajamas 🙂 .

7. You can work your school times around your family dynamic. If dad works late, the kids can stay up late to see him but then sleep in in the morning. If you are an early bird, you can start school early and be finished

8. It is deeply gratifying to see your child grasp any new concept (think about how it was when they took their first steps, said their first words, etc. – it’s like that but potentially on a daily basis – very cool).

9. It is humbling. This is a huge benefit, albeit painful.

10.  Snuggling up on the sofa reading Farmer Boy while Maggie cuddles next to me and the boys play with legos….and calling it school. Love that!

Okay other homeschool mamas…what do you love about homeschooling? And if you are getting ready to homeschool, what benefits could you imagine?


6 thoughts on “Homeschooling for Ordinary Mothers

  1. No comments yet…gotta get the word out that there’s this post waiting here…and I NEED (want) people to comment. 🙂
    I was encouraged by another friend to write a list of benefits I see from my current vantage point (that being the deluded/ignorant) newbie. 🙂 I’m delighted to be in the deluded phase and chosing to thoroughly enjoy my grand visions of how wonderful h.s. is going to be. 🙂

    One of the things I am looking forward to is the flexible schedule given my hubby works late hours at times. I will be glad for the kids to be able to stay up later and get up later in the a.m.

    I’m also glad that I get to choose what they’re learning/exposed to and the means by which their learning occurs. I know it’ll be overwhelming at times, but for now, I’m really looking forward to that aspect of it.

    For all the reasons you mentioned (except the humbling…I know I want it and need it but hate it all at the same time).

    And, I’m looking forward to (I hope this is the case) being able to pursue more extra curriculars and relationships than we would allow our family if the kids were in school all day. I’m figuring it won’t take us as long to finish w/ the official “school day” as it would in an institution; therefore, allowing us more time to pursue other interests.

    lastly, I’m looking forward to the community of homeschool families we’ll be linked with. I respect many of these women/families and I’m looking forward to the context where I can learn from them and glean nuggets of wisdom for growing our little family of ours.

  2. Laurie, maybe you can get Melissa Osborne to take a minute & make a list for you 🙂 She does emailing more than anything else I think but she really enjoys her kids & is juggling HS with older elementary & a baby– idk how she does it!!

  3. I concur with all the benefits you’ve listed, plus more.

    I would add:
    -the ability to move at your child’s pace, whether that is faster or slower than others
    -letting them (making them!) do chores to learn to run a household someday, rather than assuming Mom will do it all.
    -Many homeschooleres learn to cook and bake much sooner than their dayschooled peers.
    -in general, the opportunity to explore more in depth the topics you value , or minimize the ones you don’t.

    There are more still. I should probably do my own post rather than junk up your box, huh?

    The main thing I missed for the past two years was reading a lot with Joel. Yes I know I could have and should have, but the reality is, we were both whipped by the end of the school day. My kids read a whole lot more literature at home.

  4. My top three benefits, as one who was homeschooled:
    1. Learning to love learning, it can be a delight not a chore
    2. Great for developing strong independent study habits useful in college
    3. Forces siblings to learn to love eachother and relate

  5. Some other benefits for us have been:
    1. Food – With multiple allergies, we’ve been able to avoid problems that being in a school setting poses. Plus my kids LOVE having a hot lunch at home. We always have leftovers from dinner the night before.

    2. Time – IT’s great to be able to take the time necessary to talk to the kids about what’s going on in their hearts as it happens. We have the time to put math on hold for 1/2 an hour if we need to address a specific sin or character issue.

    3. IT’s relaxing! – We had our oldest in school for a year before homeschooling. I found it to be much more relaxing being home. We didn’t have to wake the baby to get the older one from school, we didin’t have to rush in the morning everyday, and we could take more time at breakfast together. A big plus for our family since sometimes that is the meal that dad gets to eat with us.

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