Wonder Working Power

I have been listening to this series from Covenant Life Church while I treadmill. Ordinarily, I would workout to music, but I’ve really been wanting to listen to the series based on the book by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington entitled Bookends of the Christian Life that profoundly impacted my life back in the beginnings of our homeschool year. The sermon series is having a similar affect.

All of the teachings have been outstanding, but I wanted to throw out the link to one message in particular by Joshua Harris that I think will really help other ordinary mothers out there. It’s about God’s part and our part in the work God has called us to as believers. A few things I really like about this teaching are Josh Harris’s use of the Old Testament to illustrate how the power of God results in working hard, his de-mystification of what it looks like to experience the “power of the Holy Spirit” in everyday life, and his application section at the end of the teaching.

I know your house is probably as noisy as mine, making it difficult to listen to sermon, but this one is definitely worth the attempt!


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