Got Legos?

If you’re like us, the holidays included new sets of legos to add to your burgeoning collection. This is an old post, but it may be helpful if you are a lego newbie!

step 1. take one out of control lego collection

step 2. purchase multi drawer cart from Wal Mart
step 3. put big pieces in big drawers

step 4. put little pieces in shallow drawers

step 5. Remove drawers for portable play

step 6. Display creation on mantle (this is Joshua's monkey)

The key to lego storage is keeping the storage bin shallow. Otherwise, the tiny pieces stay at the bottom and it is frustrating (and loud) to rake through the larger pieces to get to them.

Also, when we get a new set, like a Star Wars ship, it gets its own storage bin (usually a dish basin) along with the directions while the owner is in the assembly process. We keep it up in their bedroom to keep it from accidentally getting mixed into the fray.

After a while the specialty item either breaks from use, or gets picked at to make something else. At this point, we just add it to the collection.

The masterpieces that come from their imagination get a place on our fireplace mantel for a week or so before they get disassembled. If it is an elaborate project, we will take a picture before cleaning it up.

This idea was taken from my dear friend and favorite hair dresser, Mary Cook…lego mom veteran.

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