Just A Thought for my Young Mommy Friends

For a few years, I was the poster child for mother of small children. I had four children under the age of four. The preschool years were some of the hardest of my parenting life.  So, I want to talk to you young moms out there who have a lot of little ones in your home. During the holidays you are probably hearing about all kinds of traditions, decorating ideas, gifts, projects, crafts, recipes, etc.  If you’re like me, you are thinking that these would be great things for you to do with your kids, for your relatives, etc. Can I offer a bit of advice that may help you and your family this year? Consider keeping it simple. Very simple. Don’t look at what others are doing and think you should be able to do it all. or any of it.  I will tell you from experience that there will be many years ahead when you can enjoy all of these things. It really will happen. You will be able to deck your halls, bake homemade cookies, host an open house, contribute to a charity, you name it. Don’t feel guilty or inept about it. You are in a season, and it is one that will pass faster than you can imagine today.

I know you gals (most of you) who read this blog. I so admire that you want to make the most of every opportunity to make memories with your children, teach them it is better to give than to receive, and most importantly that Christmas is about our Savior coming to earth to rescue sinful man. But it just may be that this year you make memories during birthdays, teach it is better to give than to receive at Father’s Day, and simply focus on the true meaning of Christmas. It’s just a thought.


7 thoughts on “Just A Thought for my Young Mommy Friends

  1. This is really good. I’ve been “gathering” many ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but don’t intend to put many into practice yet. Mostly, I’m just filing them away for maybe next year. Like as awesome as a thankful tree is, it’s just not going to do much for my 2 1/2 year olds at this point. We’re keeping Christmas as simple as possible this year for many reasons, although it’ll still be busier than I’d like. I mainly just want to focus on the reason we’re celebrating and not get caught up in any pressure or insanity that may come with it! 🙂 Great post!

  2. so good. thanks for posting this laurie. our christmas will be super simple this year for a number of reasons. appreciate your reminder of what is most important.

  3. funny that I just realized this morning that I missed the opp. at school for the boys to participate in the Operation Christmas Child, but thought, “oh well…maybe another year.” Sorry, Mitzy. And, I wanted to have our neighbors over last Sat. to do something for Tgiving w/ them b/c they’re military and family is far away. But, I accepted my hubby’s input that it was squeezing too much into our weekend. And, I wanted to come back from being out of town this week to decorate our tree w/ friends over, but again readily resigned to my hubby’s likely wiser and more humble assessment of my capacity & decided it wasn’t such a good idea. I guess (hope) I’m growing and not just giving up. 🙂

  4. Thank you very much Laurie for your thoughts. I have just been convicted of all of this and my tendency to look to my right and left rather than pondering the path of my own feet. Your words lifted my soul today! Have a wonderful Christmas! God Bless…Shannon Eder

  5. Laurie, you are so right! I had 5 children (2.5 and under) and we didn’t even put up a tree for several, several years! I like Christmas as much as the next girl, but having glass ornaments with 3 toddlers didn’t seem like it was worth it to me! And this applies to more than just Christmas. I see other people being able to do sports or other extra-curriculars and can sometimes feel pressured or like I am depriving my children, but then I remember I am called to run my own race. It’s very liberating to serve God and not our traditions/cultural expectations! I think what you said will serve many ladies!

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