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Bandwagons Aren’t Bad

I mentioned that I am slower to get on certain bandwagons these days. This isn’t to say that I’m not on any bandwagons. I am.

1. The beauty of biblical femininity

2. The gospel’s relevance to the daily life of a Christian woman

3. Men should never wear skinny jeans. ever.

There are women I respect who have wonderful bandwagons. I think most bandwagons in the Christian Mommy Blogosphere are well-intended. Many of the mommy blogs have a specialization because these capable gals are using their blog to make money through advertisers and product reviews, or they are gaining exposure in hopes of publishing material. It makes sense that a blog on frugality would have tons of posts about how the author saves money on her grocery bill. If she isn’t passionate, enthusiastic, and persuasive about being frugal, her blog isn’t going to be very successful.

I also think bandwagon blogs are a wonderful outlet for sharing God-given gifts and talents. Are you good at decorating? Cooking? Creative parenting? Writing? By all means, share. Do you have special training in prenatal care, health and nutrition, educational techniques? By all means, share. Are you learning how to be frugal, eat healthy, run a marathon? Please share.What a wonderful inspiration to see God’s grace displayed with variety and beauty through the gifts, talents, and efforts of Christian women from all over the country.

It is so wonderful to read about how Christian women who are excited about  expressions of biblical womanhood. Where this can go wrong is when we assign moral value to practices that aren’t clearly commanded or prohibited in scripture. One danger is that we can feel unnecessary guilt when we aren’t able to live by a certain practice. Another danger is we can look down on others who don’t adopt our same practice. Those dangers are two sides of the coin of self righteousness.  Either danger keeps us from humbly appreciating the work of God in each others’ lives.

I want to get on the bandwagon that loves to encourage other ladies, especially young moms, in their often-very-hidden pursuit of God and His will for them.  I want to be able to point out subtleties of grace that a young mom may not see in her own life while her house is a mess and she serves PBJ’s for dinner, again. I also want to be challenged by the bandwagoneers in areas where God may be calling me to grow. It is wonderfully humbling to see another woman doing what I cannot do because I am not as godly, gifted, or capable; but it is also good to be inspired to try harder or try something new that may be a good fit for me and my family in the season of life we are in. So while I don’t think I’ll be raising my own chickens, clipping coupons, or having the children memorize Westminster Catechism this year, I will be inspired as I see the grace and beauty of the One who is at work to will and to do for His good pleasure (Phil 2:13) in the lives of Christian women everywhere.


3 thoughts on “Bandwagons Aren’t Bad

  1. It is wonderfully humbling to see another woman doing what I cannot do because I am not as godly, gifted, or capable

    mmm…ouch. that’s a line I need to chew on. it pains me to admit “I cannot do xyz because I am not as godly, gifted or capable as her”…meaning I really need to learn that humility.

  2. Love, love love this post. I wrote a post last night sort of like this, but not as gentle 🙂 I decided not to post it. It was about why we read the blogs we do and shouldn’t we follow blogs that inspire us instead of make us feel angry 🙂

  3. Thanks for this gentle reminder! I have so often fallen into the “guilt” category because I am not like “those” ladies and I don’t have “those” giftings. I am certainly not aware enough of the grace in MY life to walk out the journey He has designed for me alone.

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