Getting Older = Getting Off the Bandwagon

As of yesterday, I’m 39 years old. I’m not “old” yet, but I’m definitely getting older. And while I’m not crazy about the effects of aging on my face and body, I have to say that so far I don’t mind having the number climb upwards. I’ve noticed a few things about getting older. My hair is getting thinner, and lines on my face are getting deeper.  But one thing I’ve noticed lately is that I don’t bandwagon as much. When I was younger, I chose to get passionate about all kinds of things. I would throw myself into peripherals: scheduling my babies, home organization techniques, homeschooling philosophies and practices, once-a-month cooking, you get the idea.  I thank God that the blog world did not exist when I was a young mother or I would have been sucked into a whole slew of other things:  simple, frugal, green, and crunchy. These are good things, don’t get me wrong, but as a younger woman, these things would have crushed me. I would have made the youthful assumption that it might just be possible for me, the ordinary mother, to do it all (and I would have assumed that everyone else was doing it all – and trust me, they aren’t). I might attempt it, but would surely come crashing into the wall of my limitations. As I have lived a little longer I’m learning what is really worth my time and energy.  I’m basing this on a more accurate estimation of myself, and my personal set of circumstances. As I get older, I am slower to step on anyone’s peripheral bandwagon. That’s one good thing about getting a few years behind you.

I have a ton more to say about young women and bandwagons, but I’ll save it for a future post. I think I might be bandwagoning against bandwagons. hmmm.


6 thoughts on “Getting Older = Getting Off the Bandwagon

  1. I love you. that’s all I have to say.
    well, and…just that you have been such a good influence for me in this very area b/c if anyone is a bandwagoner (or by nature would be one), it’s me. It’s primarily been you and my hubby keeping me on the main thing: the gospel, keeping me from jumping on any and every bandwagon out there. I am so grateful for you, friend. I know you’re influencing many others in this very godly, positive way. And, I love your humility even in recognizing that you could be inadvertantly bandwagoning against bandwagons. ha. Good for you. This is why (a part anyway) I love you…wrinkles and all. 🙂

  2. That’s one reason I love this quote so much. I’m sure you remember it from the conference.

    Whether it’s called bandwagoner or peer pressure, it’s one reason we have to be on guard to know what the SPIRIT is calling us to do. Not what everyone else thinks we should do or even all the things we’d like to do or be! I think it is easier, though, as one gets older. I think you don’t care what others think so much. But ultimately, it about living a Spirit-led life (saturated in truth, not whim).

    Great post!

  3. So true. It’s quite freeing, actually, isn’t it? But funny thing is, I just might be MORE of a bandwagoner as I age. I mean, a few months abck I was an anti-facebooker, refused to text, and thought great cars were just for young’ins and men. Then I woke up and smelled the youthful coffee and realized that if I want to be in touch w/ my own kids, I better at least learn how to text–and now I do it almost as much as I talk. I thought facebook was too trivial and now I realize most of life comes down to one-liners many times a day. As for a hot car, I am of the ilk now that if we can pay cash for an older hot car versus getting a loan for a dull, boring one, the choice is clear. Life’s too short to drive a minivan forever.

  4. such a great post. I look forward to caring less and less as I get older and more and more about the things of the Lord.

    Happy birthday.

  5. Bri, I love you too!
    Amy, the gospel is your main bandwagon and I love that about you and your blog.
    Danielle, I actually wanted to find that quote to put in the post, but didn’t take the time. Next post I’ll use it
    Zo, you make a good point about getting on bandwagons as it relates to relating to your kids. I’m talking more about the typical “mommy” bandwagons. I should have been clearer. I’ll write more today, Lord willing.

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