One Big Tangled Mess

raking leaves 010Maggie’s hair, that is. Imagine rather fine but abundant hair that is tight ringlets in some places straight in others and you have my girlie’s hair. Being the only girl after a string of three very boyish boys, my girl has had hairdo’s since a little tiny whisp was long enough to make into a spiky little pigtail. The older she gets, the harder her hair is to make look presentable. She wants it long, and it is very pretty long hair.

So I must ask all of you hair-doing ladies out there, what do I do with this hair? What products help? How do I get the tangles out without as much pain? What would you do, or have you done with your daughter’s or your own unruly hair? If you are a curly-headed gal, do you get the tangles out or put some product in it, scrunch it, and call it a day?

And by the way, isn’t my tousle-haired girl a beauty?! I love that face. and that hair!!!




8 thoughts on “One Big Tangled Mess

  1. My Anna’s hair is a tangled mess too; I’ve had the most success with using leave-in conditioner (marketed for adults, not the kids’ spray) generously right after washing. The spray marketed for kids seems to do little more than just spraying water. And we use alot of headbands too!

  2. That is a great picture, Laurie! She’s looking so grown up! When my hair was curlier I never had tangle issues, but I’d brush it out wet then let it air dry a bit and put Paul Mitchell’s mouse in it. LOVED that stuff. Now that I wear it straight I actually miss the smell. I think Abby used it too. Smelled like coconut! IT was expensive, but you got a big bottle and only needed a bit and it went a long way!

  3. I used Bed Head “After Party” on myself and Camryn and we love it. Toussels the hair just right with no frizz and enhances waves. Doesn’t smell too bad either. Use it on dry hair.

    I also like Paul Mitchell’s “Skinny Serum”. It smells like watermelon. I use it to make my hair skinny straight or to make the waves nice and flat. It is excellent and I can put it in with my hair wet and wake up in the morning to good hair. Shocking, isn’t it?

    Those are my wet and dry options.

    For detangling on Camryn I use the Suave kids stuff and it smells like green apple and works very well, but that is just for detangling.

    She’s beautiful 🙂

  4. will she let you braid it?
    I grew up w/ knotty hair all the time. My mom always had it pulled up into ponytails or braids. For de-tangling, do you use conditioner in it after shampooing? I HAVE to use conditioner in my hair or I wouldn’t be able to put a comb through it, and my hair is a bit like Maggies…curly in some spots, straight in others.
    BYoung sounds like she knows what she’s talking about, though. 🙂

  5. My two girls and I both have this problem. We use a “smoothing” shampoo and conditioner which helps with the frizzy parts. There’s a really wide-toothed comb in the bathtub that we use to comb through the hair when the conditioner is on completely. Seems to help. And then we add a leave-in spray conditioner (infusium) after toweling dry. A note on towel drying: Just squeeze, never rub so no tangles get added back!

    We usually just make sure the girls have enough time to let it air dry, but if we do dry it, it’s with a big round brush used underneath the hair while we dry it. The girls have a chi which they really like and leaves their hair soft and smooth. We just don’t have the time everyday for them to mess with it since we have to do it in layers!

    Mine is much curlier so no blow drying. Just leave in conditioner and separating with my fingers after it’s dry. When we’re all having a really bad day with humidity, smoothing cream like the orange bottled one by Suave helps.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Anna’s hair is similiar – fine and tangly, though not so much with the curls. I try to be sure to use a wide tooth comb when it’s wet, and in the morning, we grin and bear it while I pick the snarls out from the bottom and work up. Her hair is always really bad if it’s not pulled up/back, so there are lots of braids and ponytails, though it’s a fight to keep them in her hair. Usually the reminder that there will be a lot more tangles to deal with later if she lets her hair down helps. We don’t go in much for products – Mommy’s very boring and cheap!

  7. My daugter Amy has the same problem, only she can’t tolerate any creams or leave in conditoners. They make her break out in a horrible rash. For us, braiding at night really helps. She likes two braids, but one would do too.

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