Two Recent Discoveries

our first fire

1. Stove popped popcorn (as opposed to microwaveable).  Whenever someone would refuse to buy microwave popcorn and choose to do it the old-fashioned way, I would do the equivalent of an internal rolling of the eyes. I mean, why would you complicate something that is so easy and cheap? I am happy to humble myself and say to all of my non-microwaving-popcorn-popping friends, that I now understand. completely. I made popcorn over the stove last night (after having it first at my friends the Joyce’s house a couple of weeks back), and though I’m not ready to purge our cupboards of the easy microwaveable stuff, I will be popping on the stove a lot more from now on.

2.  Real wood burning fireplace (as opposed to the gas, flip-of-a-switch kind). Have you ever heard someone who is committed to a real wood burning fireplace talk about it? They go on and on with the smell, the sound, the beauty and variety. These are usually the same people who gasp in horror at the idea of an artificial Christmas tree. You know who you are. Jimmy. Anyway, I have been blessed with fireplaces in the last three houses. The first two were gas. I loved, and stubbornly supported the wonders of flip-of-the-switch fire building. It seemed just our speed, Jason not being an outdoorsy type. At all. So after last nights inaugural real-wood-fire in our new house, I am again happy to humble myself and say I was wrong. I love a real wood fireplace, with the smell and sound and variety of flame patterns.

So I just want to say I’m sorry to all of you stove top popping, real wood fire burning people out there. I’m sorry that though I may have been smiling and nodding on the outside, I was rolling my eyes on the inside. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen to you, until now. You were right. I was wrong.  But for the record, I still love my box cake mixes and artificial Christmas Tree.



12 thoughts on “Two Recent Discoveries

  1. Love a real fire. Nothing is quite like it, unless you want me to get even more obnoxious about peat fires in Ireland. Feel free to roll your eyes at me! hehe

  2. Yeah, I’m all about real fires, real trees, and scratch made cakes. Don’t know about stove popped pop corn though. I don’t even know how to do it, I’d have to look it up! Or maybe you should do a post about how to do it! And why is it better? Does it taste different?

  3. That’s okay. There’s still time to bring you along in those things as well, all while I remind myself that artificial trees for Christmas is not a moral issue..no, Briana, it is not. 🙂
    I seriously can’t even make microwave popcorn anymore…tried it recently and I burned it horribly. Took weeks to get the smell out of my micro. I was so perturbed. Nevermind the taste is wretched. But, there again..I am a snob. Do you have the whirleypop yet? It makes popping the corn on the stovetop super easy,and comes w/ a bunch of fun varieties to try. You’ll never go back once you get the whirleypop. 🙂


  5. Mom, you crack me up.
    Others, I heard your gasps of horror over my box cake/ artificial tree all of the way here in Ohio. My internal eyes are rolling even as i type 😉 .

  6. Bri, you are passionate about your whirleypop. I’ve never heard of it and i think the name is unfortunate. 🙂 I need to check that out. if the whole p chef thing doesn’t work out, maybe you could be a sales rep for whirleypop.

  7. Okay, I’m with Danielle. Love the woodburning fires, real trees, etc….but have never made “real” popcorn. I confess. I too am curious. Does it taste better? Because I really like my Pop Secret Homestyle! Alittle butter, alitte salt, but overall a nice “plainish” kind of popcorn.

    I’m sorry Bri, but the name “whirleypop” sounds made up. :oP

  8. I love the name “whirleypop” Sounds like so much more fun than any other thing I can think of.

    I am also jealous of your fireplace. We had one 10 years ago at our old house and I miss it terribly. I wouldn’t beg my much older man to do the whole wood-carry thing for the sake of my aestthetic ideal, but I have had to stop nagging for one. (Nagging creates a certain heat of its own. Not exactly a cozy feeling either.)

    Box cakes and artificial trees, though? Oh, Laurie, I’m in faith for a conversion on your part! As long as I have breath, there is hope for you:).

  9. 🙂 box cake mixes…hm, that’s the norm for me too, but there’s one that takes the cake (ok, corny) It’s the best chocolate cake EVER but I only make it for Valentine’s day. Artificial Christmas tree–ooh, UGH! 🙂 But at least you score points on the “going green” scale there! LOL

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