A Very Very Very Fine House

I am hoping to really update my blog soon, but in the meantime, here are the after-ish photos of our new (old) house in Akron.


5 thoughts on “A Very Very Very Fine House

  1. Danielle, I really want to have all of the colors in that room to be softer – eventually (gotta sell the leather sofa some day). For now, the spice colored chairs will only make sense once my artwork is up.

  2. I’d buy the leather couch from you, if we lived closer! ;( I’ve always wanted a leather couch since I was a kid, strangely enough! Right now, have to be content with my $80 slip covered thing that sinks in the middle! 🙂 Buy seriously, those chairs look so comfy by the fireplace and set off the mirrors grouped above the mantle. Looks so elegant!

  3. Bethany, my house is a huge blessing. Real Estate here is super-low. It’s a nice perk for relocating from MD where we couldn’t buy a 2 bedroom town house for the price we paid for this house.

    Also, photog friends, why do I have light blobs? did i do something accidentally with my settings? I’m hopeless with this camera thing. I know, I know…should have just used natural lighting.

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