my NEXT poem

This is a poem I wrote inspired by the NEXT conference I had the privilege of attending over Memorial Day weekend. It makes more sense if you listen to the teaching which I highly recommend. It is linked in with the various parts of the poem. The image of Jacob’s ladder wasn’t based on a teaching, but I thought the image was relevant to my experience.

My NEXT Poem

Just like Jacob on the run

Sleeping as the desert sun

Hid beneath a darkened sky

Laid his head on rock nearby

So my weary wandering heart

Fell asleep and seemed so far

From that place where I was blessed

Soul asleep, but without rest

But God for Jacob and for me

Broke into that foggy sleep

Sacred Ladder from heav’n comes down

Reaches to us on the ground

Pre-eminent One over heaven and earth

Solid Rock; Living Word

Bleeding woman healed by faith

Storms and Demons must obey

A little girl they said had died

With just 3 words was made alive

Second garden’s agony

Why hast Thou forsaken Me?

Blood shed on a cross so cruel

Holy curtain torn in two

Stone rolled back; disciples stunned

Risen Savior, victory won!

Surely now our hearts do burn

As we wait for His return

Jolted from my apathy

Christ, the ladder, did I see

Stunned by glory and by grace

Surely God was in this place


2 thoughts on “my NEXT poem

  1. excellent poem Laurie! I absolutely cannot write poetry so I am always in awe of those who can! Having attended NEXT, it was extra meaningful as your verses walked me through sweet memories of that extended time in the Word. 🙂

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