MOMentum: The Scandal of it All

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Join Us on Mondays

My dear friend, Briana, wrote this post on her blog, Pleasant Places. I think it is such an encouragement to moms in all seasons so I got her permission to post it for this week’s MOMentum.

Seems my sweet angel, Bella, has a devilish side to her. Don’t we all? Yep. It’s called the sin nature and we’re born with it no matter how amazingly cute, beautiful or innocent babies look.

Last week in church, our number was flashed at the front of the church to indicate that we needed to attend to one of our children’s needs. It’s usually for a diaper change or to take one of the boys to the bathroom. Nope. Not this time. This time, it was because my sweet baby threw another little girl out of her chair and tried to steal her pacifier. Nice. Sovereignly, my husband was the one who responded to the call. When he got back to our seat and told me what had happened, I actually started to cry.

I had such a long, hard week of discipline with my little girl, and I was discouraged by this report. I was also embarrassed to say the least. In moments like this, which happen a lot in my world, I want to look around at all the people witnessing my children’s bad behavior and reassure them that, yes, I do discipline them at home. Consistently. No. Faithfully. No. But, I do discipline them. I promise. I know it doesn’t look like it. But, I do…really. I do.

My ever discerning and gospel-centered husband quickly and rightly concluded what was going on in my heart at the moment and wrote a little note to me on the bulletin. It read something like this, “The scandal is not that our little girl is a sinner. The scandal is that God loved her enough to send His perfect son, Jesus, to shed His blood for her sins.”

I was so helped in that moment. I was set straight in such a gracious, God-glorifying way. My heart’s response to my husband’s little note was, “YES! It’s true. It is scandalous that the Perfect Creator of the Universe would condescend in such a way to love us and save us from our sins and from eternal death!”

So, today, when my daughter, unprovoked, smacked some boy in the library and made him cry, I was able to not be so surprised or embarrassed by her behavior but instead remember that I know God, her Savior, and have been given the amazing privilege of leading her to this Savior in these moments. I pray that one day, she will convincingly recognize not only her need for a Savior but also the Savior Himself, Jesus Christ who came to seek and save sinners just like her.

5 thoughts on “MOMentum: The Scandal of it All

  1. What a wonderful reminder of God’s mercy to me & to the children around me that I have the honor to grow with! I greatly appreciate you sharing this.

  2. My hope is built nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness..not only for my children and grandchildren, but also for me! Great reminder! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love you Briana. You say out loud the things that are on my mind. I may or may not be aware of them. LORD help us remember to pray for ourselves,our children,and each other. Thankful Lord that you are always at work! Thank you Laurie:)

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