Have any of you used or know anything about Math – U – See? I’m considering it for Maggs next year (she will be in 3rd grade). I looked on the homeschool reviews website and the reviews are glowing. I would still like to know from anyone else out there who has used it or has an opinion about it. It’s kind of pricey and she is my last, not my first, so it’s not like I’ll continue to use it for subsequent students in my home. I know it’s early to be looking into next year’s curriculum – but it’s February and that is a hard month for homeschooling! So researching curriculum is a way to inject a little fun into the homeschool mom experience. Yes, I am a huge nerd.

8 thoughts on “Math-U-See?

  1. i have not used it, sorry… but i find it funny that you mentioned planning curricula for next year, because i’ve been doing the same this week. good cure for the february homeschool blahs for sure 🙂

  2. I have not used it, but have a friend who LOVES it…and I am so glad to hear that February is a hard month for others! This is only my 3rd yr. homeschooling, and felt like it was just me that every year around this time I feel like quitting…

  3. I have used it with 5 of my children so far and love it! It truly is a wonderful program, particularly with the basics. My older boys are now using Teaching Textbooks for Algebra and Geometry, but Math U See prepared them for Algebra beautifully! My oldest daughter is in 7th grade and is just about ready to begin Algebra… I might just give their program a try for her. If you have any other specific questions about the program, I would be happy to share what I know!

  4. We use it too. It’s made a big difference – no more tears! Abi just didn’t like workbooks or didn’t get it (or both), whereas now, she can actually see how it all works! Sometimes I get a bit worried about her depending too much on the blocks, but then I remember that she won’t be 16 and still adding 8+6 with her blocks! Plus, she has a day like yesterday, where she did all of it in her head, which tells me she’s definitely learning something!
    In short, I’d say it’s definitely worth the money.

  5. After experiencing tears after tears during math time from my Abbie-girl, we switched from Horizons to Math-U-See. She LOVED it and finished the first grade book in no time at all. There is a lot of repetition and the hands-on approach does help. She loved watching the DVDs and doing her lesson. Now that she is in second grade, we switched back to Horizons and she is doing well and actually “gets it”. I know many families that have used M-U-S from K through 12th and loved it.

  6. Wow. this is really helpful. i’m glad i asked. i think i’m going to seriously consider using it next year. i feel like it’s so hard to make the abstract concepts of math concrete, and this program seems to do that.

  7. Several friends have used Math U See and LOVED it! It’s especially great for those hands on learners! We have used Saxon with my oldest and love it, but my younger daughter is needing something more visual so we too are thinking of switching to Math U see in her case.

  8. WOW! Glad I’m not the only Mom struggling thru the Feb-Mar Blahs. I live in dark Alaska which makes it worse. I have been thinking of switching my 3rd grader from Abeka to Math U See. She gets math, but somedays tunes out and doesn’t even want to try. I don’t know if it is getting more and more difficult or more and more text work for her to handle. I have a 5th grader who is doing wonderful with Abeka, and I like the lessons so I’m afraid to switch to a totally different program. Any advice

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