Anyone Can Do This

Anyone Can Do This: Gum in the Kitchen

I keep a pack of sugar-free  gum in my kitchen to…

1. help me stop eating a salty snack. I eat almonds or pistachios almost every afternoon and it is just so hard to stop. So I count out a certain amount and when they’re gone I pop a piece of gum in my mouth to keep me from eating more.

2. curb my sweet tooth. I have a terrible sweet tooth so when I am craving sweets, sometimes (not all of the time 🙂 ), a stick of gum will do the trick.

3. keep me from killing my appetite for dinner. If I put gum in my mouth anytime I’m cooking (or baking for that matter) I don’t “pick” at the food before the meal.

Do you have any tricks to keep your sweet tooth from getting the better of you?


7 thoughts on “Anyone Can Do This: Gum in the Kitchen

  1. I use the gum trick too. I also add the “flavor packets” to my bottled water. Any time I think I want candy or chocolate, I take a swig of my 0 calorie drink =)

  2. sometimes i will get a cup of coffee, put it in a travel mug to keep it warm, and just sip on that throughout the afternoon, i tend to do a lot of sugar with my coffee though so it might be an even trade:o)
    i do find that eating a york peppermint patty (the mini ones) completly meets that sweet craving…something to do with the mint…..i guess a regular breath mint or mint gum would do it to, but this way i get some chocolate!

  3. I’m with Cathy. Unfortunately, I have just given in all too much lately. But, what does help is to keep carrot sticks out on my counter or some other fresh veggie and just keep reaching for them. There’s something about the reaching and chewing that makes me feel like I’m eating, but it’s guilt free. I also drink LOTS of water. But, like I said, I do these things AND eat the chocolate.

    I try to freeze things….put it in our freezer downstairs which makes a little more of a deterent to get at it.
    I “hide” things in the backs of cabinets…sometimes I forget they’re there.
    The best thing that works for me is to NOT have it in the house. I’m a goner if it’s present.

    Another thing is just to GET BUSY. If I make sure I’m doing something, I can often get through the afternoon not eating as much sugary treats. Or, I’ll make myself a deal…that if I get x, y, and z done on my list then I can have my treat as a reward.

    Ya think I need intervention? 🙂

  4. Lots of water. Also, I mix dried berries (the variety bag from Sam’s) in with my afternoon nut snack–adds some sweetness but has some healthy benefits. Occasionally Piper & I will have a chocolate date at the kitchen pub table with a girl chat, so then the craving gets satisfied & I “have” to share the good stuff so I end up eating less of it.

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