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MOMentum: A Sacred Place

This is dedicated to mommies everywhere who perhaps spend time everyday  in some sacred place in their homes bringing correction to a little soul in their care and thereby showing forth the beauty of the gospel.

A  Sacred Place

The bathroom is her room of choice

To correct a wayward  girl or boy

She  takes them to that sacred place

And sees a little hardened face

Soften as she prays the prayer

She’s  prayed in variations there:

Have mercy on us  sinners here

Help us to see our sins more clear

Then help us turn to look and see

Our Savior on Mt. Calvary

And from a throne more commonplace

She leads them to the throne of Grace


8 thoughts on “MOMentum: A Sacred Place

  1. Thank you for sharing your gift of poetry! This poem encourages me as I am learning how to bring correction to my two and a half year old, and desiring to point him to the cross.

  2. This belongs in a book! Hopefully, yours someday! 🙂
    Love you and grateful for you, friend.
    I’m waiting for those hardened faces to be softened by my pleas for mercy. Waiting with hope, though.

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