Have any of you used or know anything about Math – U – See? I’m considering it for Maggs next year (she will be in 3rd grade). I looked on the homeschool reviews website and the reviews are glowing. I would still like to know from anyone else out there who has used it or… Continue reading Math-U-See?


MOMentum: One Day When I Get My Act Together…

I find myself living in the, “someday, when I get my act together I’ll…” mode often. It consists of this little fantasy world with visions of me doing all kinds of stuff that the real me just can’t seem to do. I find it frustrating to not know what the magical catapult to hurl me… Continue reading MOMentum: One Day When I Get My Act Together…

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Good Stuff

I am thoroughly enjoying: The Shepherd Press blog series by Jay Younts on Ephesians 3:14-21. Part One: Parenting and the Wonder of Christ Part Two: The Wonder of Christ in You Part Three: The Wonder of Christ: More Than a Wall Plaque Part Four: The Wonder of Christ: Immeasurably More I’m also loving, and heartily… Continue reading Good Stuff


New Poll About Lent

I put a new poll up about whether or not you participate in Lent which begins February 25th and ends on Easter. I’d love to hear more in the comment box if you should so choose to share.

Anyone Can Do This

Anyone Can Do This: Gum in the Kitchen

I keep a pack of sugar-free  gum in my kitchen to… 1. help me stop eating a salty snack. I eat almonds or pistachios almost every afternoon and it is just so hard to stop. So I count out a certain amount and when they’re gone I pop a piece of gum in my mouth… Continue reading Anyone Can Do This: Gum in the Kitchen

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Because It Doesn’t Look Like Poetry

Yesterday I posted a little poem about the truly sacred place where many moms discipline their kiddies, the bathroom. Truth is, disciplining a child doesn’t usually look so “poetic”.  At least not in my house, which is why I didn’t use the first person in my poem. The poem was actually inspired by a difficult… Continue reading Because It Doesn’t Look Like Poetry

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MOMentum: A Sacred Place

This is dedicated to mommies everywhere who perhaps spend time everyday  in some sacred place in their homes bringing correction to a little soul in their care and thereby showing forth the beauty of the gospel. A  Sacred Place The bathroom is her room of choice To correct a wayward  girl or boy She  takes… Continue reading MOMentum: A Sacred Place


Thank You, Danielle

Danielle made my new MOMentum button on the side bar. Isn’t it great?! My hope is to have any of you gals think through your own MOMentum post and link back here so others can be inspired. I will be giving more details about that later. Thank you Danielle, you talented artist you!