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The Week in Review by Joshua

I love this boyThis is the week in review from Josh’s perspective. I typed what he said.

This past weekend we went to a slumber party at the Hickins’ and stayed up until 3 in the morning. And we only got three hours of sleep. We went sledding, had a snow ball fight, and ate lots of pizza. It was my friend Andrew’s birthday. Then the next day we went to a birthday party for Jonathon Stewart. It was a super hero party.

We played football in the snow with our neighbors. We like to play football in the snow because we don’t get hurt when we’re tackled.

We had co – op yesterday. First we played basketball in the basement with Jesse. Then we learned about the circulatory system. We learned about the heart, blood, and blood vessels. In the blood there is plasma, platelets, white and red blood cells (okay, my inner homeschool mom is just beaming right now 🙂 ). We made blood soup (I can explain this if you’re interested. no children or homeschool moms were injured in the making of blood soup). We also learned about the respiratory system (oxygen just doesn’t compete with blood for information retention).

We played handbell harmony for family night (a wii game on wii music). Even Grammy and Aunt Karyn played.

Grammy and Aunt Karyn were here last weekend. They came for 4 days. We had loads of fun with Grammy and Aunt Karyn.

I went to the dentist and they said me and Caleb need braces (cha-ching). Caleb said he is going to get the color red and black. I’m going to get green and black. I didn’t have any cavities. Caleb had two even though the dentist said he brushed better than me (must have his mother’s teeth, poor guy).

So that is what happened this week.


3 thoughts on “The Week in Review by Joshua

  1. Well Josh, you covered the week in detail…good job! Grammy had a great time being with all of you. Thanks so much for the birthday cake and cards, I love them.

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