Anyone Can Do This

Anyone Can Do This: Energy Boosters

Ya know how that one day that you r-e-a-l-l-y need a nap ends up to be the one day that your baby doesn’t want to take his? Well I discovered a couple of unexpected (non-caffeinated – which doesn’t mean that I don’t do the caffeine sometimes too) pick-me-ups to get me over the hump in the late afternoon before dinner needs to be done. Just thought I’d pass them on:

1. Drink water. Being dehydrated can make us grumpy, tired, and head achey. If you find this a pattern in the early afternoon, you may not be lacking sleep as much as water. I didn’t believe this until I made a concerted effort (somewhat out of desperation) to drink more water throughout the day. I am now a believer in hydrating to battle fatigue.

2. Mom-nap. You know the kind: doze off on the sofa for 15 minutes while your littles watch a video or play in the room you are in.  I find 15 minutes does wonders.

3. Brush your teeth. Seriously. You will be amazed at how rejuvenating it is to your whole body.

4. Go outside (just outside the front door) for 2 minutes. even if it is freezing. Take a few deep breaths. Walk back in. 🙂

5.  PRAY. Ask for that extra energy to deal with the remainder of the day. It’s the obvious, but so easy to forget.

What’s your can’t-get-a-nap-in but I’m really tired pick-me-up?


17 thoughts on “Anyone Can Do This: Energy Boosters

  1. Your suggestions are great. Never thought of brushing my teeth. I do find drinking water to be a great pick me up. I try to have a water bottle nearly attached to my hand throughout the day. Eat some carrots, celery w/ hummus, nuts, spoonful of peanut butter..something with protein. And, eating something fresh like an apple helps me, too.

    Last week when we were all so sluggish from laying around watching too much TV bc everyone was sick, I popped in a Denise Austen video and did 2 workouts in a row. It really does get the blood flowing…takes soooo much energy (or so it seems mentally) to get yourself to do it, but as you do it and afterward, you’ll feel great!!!!

    Get on the phone w/ someone in the afternoon while you clean. That helps get me through that tired spell, too.

  2. I’m often to tempted to skip or wimp on my own breakfast trying to get kids up and running, but making sure I get a balanced breakfast (don’t skip protein) is a big help around 11:30.

  3. MIne isn’t as healthy: chocolate. Any form … cookies, M&Ms, hot chocolate.

    I think for my waistline, I’ll try brushing my teeth instead.

  4. Green beans . Yeh, it sounds weird, but my sister’s doctor advised it when Rachel was having a chronic problem with mid-afternoon sluggishness. Personally I like most veggies fresh, but there’s just something about canned green beans that call my name. I can eat them cold out of the can, seriously. But I usually put ‘them in a blow, nuke ’em, and eat. Thtey probably have 2 percent nutritive at that point, but if it’s a panacea , it works for me!

  5. I know it’s bad, but coffee. Also, put some great worship music on really loud and worship the Lord. Works wonders. : ) (and sometimes it stops the kids from fighting, etc.)

  6. Since mine are still in cribs, I sometimes throw them each in his crib with toys (or not) and go lay down. Even 15 minutes will do wonders. 🙂

  7. Hey Laurie,
    I’m here – just taking some time off I guess! This is actually something that I’ve tried to change this past year. I used to reach for the caffeine, but I’m trying other things. We all tend to get sluggish around the same time during school, so we take an exercise break. During cold weather, that looks like timed races up and down the stairs, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc. I’m also a huge orange juice fan – my sugar kick without the guilt!

  8. I’ve just discovered Emergen-C. It may be just the water, but I feel really great after drinking it. 20 minutes on the exercise bike also does wonders.

  9. I with you about going outside. Makes you feel so much better. And so does exercise. Even a short walk, which is nice because you can do this with the kids and really, the weather does not matter. I’m also with you about prayer. So easy to forget, yet so easy to do.

  10. Sitting on the couch nursing certainly does not help my mid-afternoon sleepiness. I wake up and find Isabel sleeping with milk all over her face. Lovely! I haven’t found a solution to that one yet!

  11. I’m glad I came back here
    I’m going to try the Emergen-C and the green beans. With my picky eaters, we always have canned green beans in the house now. One of those “I’ll never” things. 🙂 HA.

  12. Getting at least 15 minutes of some sunlight on some skin is a known miracle for the blahs and moodyness. I live in sunny california and it is obviously easier but they have special lights that work too. This also works with children and their crankiness.

    Yesterday, we walked down the block and back right before lunch, and it rained a little on us running back. I made Peter (3 years) point out what he saw and made comments. This was fun, and I wasn’t pooped anymore.

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