New Poll: Internal Body Cleansing/Detox

Okay, you gotta weigh in on this one. I have always wondered if the whole body cleansing/detoxing thing (I mean internal, not soap) was real or unnecessary. If you have done it and swear by it, vote, but also if you would leave the name of the system or approach you use in this comment box, that’d be great. If you had a terrible experience with it, would you share as well.?

Thanks gang!


12 thoughts on “New Poll: Internal Body Cleansing/Detox

  1. I had to do a prep for a procedure which required fasting and some yucky unmentionable stuff. It’s been over a week and my body is still mad at me for it. I always thought cleansing would be good, but I truly believe it is very, very bad. I have been eating yogurt and even got probiotic pills to try and restore balance to my system. I’ve since read articles saying how it’s really bad for you.

  2. I think Marilyn is a big believer in doing it once in a great while. Maybe she’s changed her mindinthe past year when we talked of it. I personally hae never done it (can’t ya tell?) but have thought it mgiht be good.

    Actually a man in our CG says the best cleansing he lives by is taking acidophillus pills daily,. He is completely healed of Crohns and believes God used the natural acudophillus pills . His doctor will credit the acidophillus, though won’t credit God for the ultimate healing. Acidophillus is found in yogurt, and works wonders when the body is backed up, but b/c of the dairy, not everyone can tolerate it. The pills aren’t cheap but far better, in Bill’s opinion, than poor health, co-pays, and ER bills,.

  3. Circus peanuts are my chosen method of body detox. Not a fan? Don’t knock ’em unless you’ve tried ’em. If you’ve tried ’em and still don’t like ’em, it’s okay. They’re not for the faint at heart.

  4. My brother and SIL tried something called Colonex, I think, as did my younger sister. I just know they had to go to the bathroom A LOT, and I, too, have heard that it’s really not good for your insides..that it can jack up your electolytes and bacterial balance internally. You know me…miss “all natural”, but I think this is one thing I am really leery about.

  5. The Truth About Food (TV Show on BBC and also a book you can buy) does an experiment with detox diets. RESULT. Totally a waste of time. They measured liver and kidney function and did blood tests to measure concentrations of aluminium and antioxidants. Both groups measured similar. There was no benefit to those doing detox diets. Your body is amazing and created by God to do all the detoxing you need. That is what your Kidneys and liver is for.

    I would highly recommend seeing this series (TLC had it for awhile) or getting the book. They debunk a lot of food myths such as sugar making kids hyper. It is a really interesting book and a great way to cut through all the hype out there and see via science what really works.

  6. Detoxes… tried it… gave me bad heartburn 🙂 It also made exercise extremely difficult because I wasn’t taking in enough nutrients.

    When I need to simply shock my system… I take more of a south beach diet approach. I dive into vegetables and fruits with very little processed sugar. Sometimes instead of regular water, I might 32 oz. water with a full lemon squeezed into it. I know some people have found GREAT success in CERTAIN detoxes, yet they have done it through natural means, like 2 weeks of straight pure fruit juice (from a personal juicer).

  7. I think that they are necessary and fabulous for your body. I try to do at least one a year (not when nursing or pregnant of course.) I have done many different ones, and have never had a problem. Always felt more energy and better when done. The probiotics are definately great for you, but that only really adjusts your intestinal flora. You change the oil in your car and give it a tune up. I think your body is much more important. I guess it is obvious that I am a huge fan!!

  8. My sister did an organic cleanse because she couldn’t get rid of her amoeba she picked up overseas. None of the traditional, heavy antibiotics killed it off. The cleanse did but I am sure she wouldn’t recommend it except under extreme circumstances. Also, she has picked up an amoeba again in the same country & is pregnant so she can’t do the cleanse.

  9. I have never tried it but it seems to be helpful if you are in a healthy state & use a natural source. I am inspired to eat healthier from this question. Thanks!

    There have been many times that I have been blessed by the gals here in the church by their helpful & healthful advice when it comes to nutrition and a non-medical approach to physical wellness. Sisterhood has it’s perks!

  10. I would agree with other posters that it would depend on what you mean by “detox/cleanse.” When I feel yuck like after all the holiday food for instance, I take a few days to drink more water, eliminate junk from my diet, and eat/juice more fruit and veggies. I always feel better after a day or so. At first you may feel worse, but soon you will feel better. There’s nothing harmful about this type of approach. And on a regular basis I take a psyliium fiber capsule, various supplements, and drink kefir (fermented probiotic drink), which all just help the body with proper digestion/elimination.

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