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MOMentum: An Ordinary Mother’s Gospel Opportunities

cheeriosThe handsomest guy to enter a pulpit (my husband, of course ;) ) gave an excellent teaching (last year) on Philippians 1:12-18 entitled Advancing the Good News. It was the third teaching in the series on Philippians entitled: Good News For Real Life. To listen to it go here. Also, you can subscribe to the COG cast by clicking the red button on our website here.

Paul could see the gospel opportunity in everything. He was in a cell chained to a prison guard whose shift rotated every four hours. With each different guard came a new opportunity to share the gospel until Paul could say, the whole guard has heard… He was excited that many had become even more bold in the Lord to declare the gospel. He was even able to give thanks that people who were preaching the gospel for wrong motives were still being used by God to advance His purposes. Paul was captivated by one cause: the gospel of Jesus Christ and it affected how he viewed EVERYTHING.

So, what does that have to do with me, a full-time homemaker from Wadsworth, Ohio? My opportunities to preach the gospel seem few and far between. I can go days without even stepping outside of my home. But if I know that God’s mission is to see the glory of the gospel go forth, than I have to believe I am a part of this plan. Am I seeing the gospel opportunity in my life? I want to step back and let the gospel transform how I view things like:

picking up the hundredth cheerio off of the floor

dealing with toddler melt-down

teaching a less-than-enthusiastic fifth grader how to write a good topic sentence

greeting my husband with warmth and love not the attitude of a tag-team wrestler

bringing correction for the many fights and arguments that take place in our home

sleepless nights

sick kids

mountains of laundry

aching back

These things that can often feel like inconveniences, interruptions, delays, even obstacles are actually God-ordained gospel opportunities. So often I just move through my life not considering the fact that the gospel truly is the most important thing.

Not peace and quiet.

Not order.

Not obedient children.

Not good sleep or pain free living.

God has orchestrated all of these seemingly mundane aspects of life in a way that would provide the best opportunities for the gospel to go forth in and through my life. A gospel perspective means that when a normally selfish mom picks up her hundredth cheerio joyfully, without complaining, the effect of the gospel is on brilliant display. It means that when my toddler is melting down, I see that this little sinner needs a Savior and this is an opportunity to sow the hope of the gospel into his or her heart. A gospel perspective means that I see my son’s lack of enthusiasm for school as an opportunity for him to experience how the gospel relates to real life. He can do all things…even write paragraphs…even work hard on things he dislikes…through Christ who strengthens him.

Even though my sphere of influence is small right now, I want to have eyes that see beyond my circumstances to how God is using them to advance His glorious gospel. How I need His help to have this perspective! My prayer is that I would be a wife, mother, woman who loves the gospel and views all of life as a mission to see it advanced both in demonstrating its transforming affects, and proclaiming it’s glorious truth…for now that means getting dinner on the table right after I correct my un-named child for not responding to my request to set the table. Sweet gospel opportunities!

*this post has been slightly modified from it’s original form posted in February, 2008.


5 thoughts on “MOMentum: An Ordinary Mother’s Gospel Opportunities

  1. Thanks for this reminder. I remember this series well, and I remember one way in which my thinking was altered by studying Paul’s example. The gospel is not just advanced IN SPITE OF my circumstances but BECAUSE OF my circumstances. So, as mothers, we can know that God’s kingdom is being built in the midst of the most ordinary, mundane circumstances of life.

  2. I’m learning it’s almost a “twisting” of my brain to look at my circumstances through this Gospel centered grid. Having friends like you help me twist my brain to see my circumstances in a new way, a God glorifying way is ultra helpful. I’m also seeing it’s a discipline of our minds to think this way, too. Thanks for the weekly reminder and help. I know other women are being well served by these posts as well.
    Now, I need to run off to show a little (oh.that would be 2 four year olds) their need for a Savior. 🙂

  3. “God has orchestrated all of these seemingly mundane aspects of life in a way that would provide the best opportunities for the gospel to go forth in and through my life.”

    soo good. thanks laurie.

  4. When this very, very short season of life is over, you will be sending 4 (or #?) well loved and trained adults who walk in the love and fear of the Lord out into the world to reach far more people with the gospel than you would ever reach by yourself. Be encouraged my sister! The gospel will be advanced in ways that you have never dreamed of. I know that you know this, but sometimes the big picture can grow cloudy.

  5. I saw your comment on Amy’s blog and just wanted to say the Piper message is amazing! I listened to it a few weeks ago . . . prepare to be convicted!

    I haven’t forgotten about you “MOMentum” button. Just haven’t found the right picture.

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