I’m Glad I Blog

This cracked me up when I first saw it.
This cracked me up when I first saw it.

In January, 2005 I started this crazy online journal. I had never heard of a blog. I had no idea what “blogging” was supposed to look like. All I know is that I was googling a friend’s name whom I hadn’t seen for years, and their “blog” came up. I noticed in the upper right hand corner a little button that said “start your own blog”. As I clicked through the tutorial, I was thrilled to have found a way to express myself through writing which is something I have always enjoyed. I loved the idea of “publishing” without any real pressure. I could just write something, click a button, and voila – a little web page of my own. A little place to pontificate or quote my kids; a place to think through what God was showing me or had shown me in the past; a place to put pictures, recipes, or quote others….and read comments from real readers.

But my blog has always been dangerous as well. It can be an escape. There aren’t many places in real life where you can carefully construct the “you” others will see. There aren’t many places in real life where you can go to a little box of kudos and encouragement about what you wrote, shared, or made. There aren’t many places in real life where you can visit thirty friends in the course of twenty minutes. So, it is tempting to look at my real life which isn’t bloggy perfect, and want to escape into Ordinary Mother.

I have spent these last four years blogging with a constant tension as to how much is too much time to devote to writing and reading others’ blogs. It’s a good tension, and one that I have some accountability for with my husband, and soon (because I am writing more these days) with Kathy Stewart – my home girl. I am also grateful that my blog is small which lets me keep it personal. I don’t know how the uber bloggers do it – they must feel so much pressure about everything they post. I know most of my readers – hi mom – and except on the rare occasion that I get linked to from a real blogger, my numbers stay pretty low, and I that’s a good thing.

Knowing that at times I will need to back off of the blog and tend to real life, I am still so glad I blog. Last week I did something I never do, I read old blog posts. It was such a blessing to have a chronicle of what was going on in my life and in my kids’ lives. I loved being reminded of everything from my favorite pretzel candy snack, the scooter story, when we got Betsey, and funny things my kids said over the years (the older they get the less they have those one liners) to favorite Piper teachings, poetry (not great poetry, but still, my poetry), and spiritual musings. Even with its unique temptations and constant need for evaluation, I am still so grateful for this medium to publish bits of life. Are you?

I’m just curious to know how you started blogging. How do you use your blog?


24 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Blog

  1. Hey girlie!
    Just over a year ago I was looking to reconnect with God and an old friend ;). I decided to google her on a whim and found her blog which is call (insert fanfare here) Ordinary Mother. 😉 As you know, after reading through a lot of your archives i pushed that tempting “start your own blog” tab as well. (since i love the sound of my own words as well! 😉 )

    I have been using my blog as part diary of my families every day, part as a journal of my spiritual journey and part nonsense. Obviously i use it for familly to keep track of us but I am also conscious that, while my blog is def a small blog, you never know who you are reaching in this vast world. I pray that God is using my blog, in a small way, to spread His grace.

    Keep on blogging dear friend. I love having insight into your everyday life.

  2. I’m so glad to be in contact with you again karen, via blog or phone or once in a while, real life!!!

    I echo your insight about God using this blog in some way for His glory. I have a burden for women, moms in particular, to join me in really making sure the gospel is connected to their lives. It’s so easy to slip into self righteousness or guilt. I want to keep pointing myself and others to the cross. And if I can offer some pearl of wisdom regarding how to store legos or use a rubber band, then, hey, that’s fine too. 🙂

  3. You were the one who got me started in this crazy thing called blogging. I still remember the evening. It was a Mexican thing at church; Brian and Tracie were at our table. I thought the word “blog” was bizarre, bordering on the disgusting as a synoym for its delightful twin “journaling,” but since I can type way faster than I can write–and because it’s fun to publish w/ pressure, as you said–I was instantly in love w/ the idea.

    My husband created that sign you posted, by the way. (Just kidding.) I’m surprised he hasn’t duct-taped it to the computer screen. He thinks blogging is a huge waste of time and wonders why anyone puts so much effort into chronicling stuff like potty training, favorite cleaning products, and closet makeovers. He’s a guy, what can I say?

    Anyway, every time I try to fast from blogging, I fail. I think I went a week w/o it once.

  4. I started mine when I moved to England. It’s a great way to both journal about my experiences, and keep my friends and family from back home up-to-date with my life. My techno-phobe granny even reads it, which I love!

  5. Zoanna, I don’t know what I was thinking writing 1995. I’m such a scatter brain. It was 2005. I fixed it….but probably too late. 🙂

  6. Through a friend I started blogging at another site. I’m fairly new to WordPress. And when I started it was mainly to “voice” on “paper” what we were going through when my Dad was diagnosed with Alz. I wanted to share what Christ was doing my life and what I was learning.
    I’m excited to be at wordpress and am very pleased to *meet* you!

  7. I don’t currently blog, but i’m sure glad you and others do!!! I have gleaned so much wisdom and encouragement from just the few that i visit. So thanks!!

  8. My husband was the one who encouraged me to blog – which made my jaw drop! I want my blog to be a way for our family and friends to get a glimpse into our lives. It may not be all that interesting, but it is a way to stay connected to ones we love but just don’t get to see often (even with friends here that I don’t get to talk to all that often!).

    I think that blogs are a “sign” that we were meant for community. It is good to “do life” with others, and blogs are a way to do that from afar or in-between church meetings and friendly visits.

  9. YOU got me into blogging! I talked to you about it at a ladies’ retreat. I only read my friend Sara’s blog at that point, to keep up with her life and never commented or anything. Then I started reading yours, and I think Zoanna’s and Briana’s.

    After college I suffered from severe writer’s block. But starting the blog helped me just start the creative juices again. Slowly ideas started flowing. And blogging has been the springboard to my freelance writing.

    I don’t really consider my blog an online journal because I’m very purposeful about what I put on it. I mainly want it to encourage and strengthen women, whether spiritually or creatively. I love that I’ve gotten to “know” women from my own church better as well as make some cool online friends who challenge me to walk deeper with the Lord and discover new creative ideas.

    I’ve really loved getting to know other Christian moms with their own businesses and who do creative things while raising their kids. So inspiring to me! Since leaving work I’ve missed the everyday connection with creative people and projects, so it’s nice to develop a network of “friends” online who are moms AND do stuff like photography and write.

  10. I started about a year ago. I wanted to update my Christmas list folks w/ pictures of the kids and stories about them. I’ve had other people read me too, and I’ve enjoyed comments and getting to know other bloggers. I don’t really have much of a purpose besides just talking about life stuff at my house. I occasionally talk about God, and once got blasted by a long-time acquaintance (who’s not a Christian) that I was coming across as sanctimonious–and it just got nastier. That attack was quickly resolved, but it did leave me feeling confused about what I should be writing about and who my audience is and who I’m writing for. As this was just a few weeks ago, I am still feeling quiet and inhibited about posting on my blog and on Facebook. It also has me feeling really divided between believing friends and unbelievers and I’m not sure how to work that out. If you have some advice, please share!

  11. I believe I started blogging because of your suggestion. This would be true of establishing bloglines, twitter and countless other things. You have way too much influence on my life. 🙂 (Kidding…I’m so grateful for you, friend)

    I initially began blogging to keep friends and family up to date on Judah’s medical issues, and then, it was about Bella’s medical issues. Now, those kinds of updates are fewer and farther in between everyday life stuff here at the Almengor’s, and I am ever aware and grateful for God’s mercy on my family!

    While the initial motivation for blogging has waned, I have continued, because like you, I want to have record of the dailies of our life which tend to be true testament to God’s Hand of love and mercy on our lives. It’s good to look back from time to time to inspire hope and faith for what’s ahead.

  12. I like blogging but I’m still not sure exactly how to go about getting people to read my blog. Which is probably why I haven’t written in it consistently. I guess that’s pride on my part. Wanting gratification for something I do. That’s something I struggle with too. I have contemplated taking my journal I have been keeping off and on since 2005 and retroactively transcribing it into my blog. Please anyone that reads this comment, let me know what you think about my idea.
    Laurie, I really have enjoyed your blog thus far. I will keep reading it in the future. Keep going with it! God Bless You.

  13. You, Laurie, actually set me up with a blog over the Christmas break. It seems as if you have helped a lot of people start blogging! I will tell you that I don’t enjoy writing, but I think the blog has been a blessing because I can record what is currently happening in my life. I love the fact that I can share thoughts with others that I may not normally share in everyday conversation.

    Thanks for helping your technologically impaired sister-in-law start a blog!

  14. I started at the very beginning of this pregnancy b/c I realized that my kiddos were growing up and I wanted to document the precious memories we were making. Throughout my pregnancy, it served to update my family and some friends on how the boys were progressing. Now, it has been a real blessing to post updates/pictures of the boys. It saves me from having to repeat the (sometimes discouraging) details over and over again. It has also served friends/family who we either don’t talk to or see regularly but want to keep up. I know relatives in other states have especially enjoyed the pictures of the boys. (PS I was inspired to start b/c of all you Chesapeake Chics who have been blogging:)

  15. I started to blog because most of my family lives far from me and I have moved a lot so quite a few friends are far too. It was getting hard for me to keep up with emails and so this was one way to condense it all and only write once what was going on. I started it right after my second miscarriage and needed a place to write and grieve and also a little corner that wasn’t getting undone. Now three years later lots of ups and downs here I am. I too enjoy it. I enjoy looking back and seeing God’s faithfulness to me. Laughing crying and knowing that even though I don’t have time to scrapbook there is a digital form of it waiting for my kids someday.

  16. After we moved, I wanted an easier (and more personal feeling) format than mass emails to stay in touch with friends. AND that coincided with two other friends moving abroad for at least a year and they started blogs for the same purpose.

    Since I’m not much of a phone person and have always loved to write, it was also a creative and practical outlet for me as a stay-at-home mom of wee ones. It doesn’t in any way replace face-to-face fellowship, but it has helped me to feel more connected.

    I love gleaning practical ideas, recipes, household management, and spiritual perspective from the handful of blogs that I read. That’s primarily the thrust of my blog as well. What better way is there to poll all of my friends on why my newborn son is leaking out of his diapers every two hours?! (I had no idea Huggies didn’t work for boys!)

    I too think that with any activity that you find especially enjoyable, there exists the need for accountability–that it doesn’t become an idol or take away from what God’s priorities for your day would include. AND, you have to be mindful that not all share your love of bloggyworld! (Loved the sign at the beginning of your post! LOL)

    This spring will mark my blog’s 1 year anniversary and I love that I can quickly and easily go back and read my daughter’s funny quips and all of the day-to-day lessons learned in the last 12 months.

  17. At first it was a creative outlet for me. I love writing as well and saw this as a way to write and encourage others with my writing. However, I learned pretty quickly that I had very little to say that seemed important or worth reading. lol. I stopped blogging for a while at that point but this past September, the Lord gave me a new vision and plan. My blog serves the primary purpose of sharing thoughts, insights, funny stories, and reminders of God’s faithfulness to my children. With each entry, my plan is to cut and paste it in an ongoing document that will one day turn into a book that I will have bound for my kids. I have no hopes of being published – I’m thinking of having Kinkos do it! If others are blessed or encouraged by my blog along the way, then that is a bonus.

  18. I LOVE your blog. It serves a bunch of ladies, including me. I know you want me to hold you accountable, and I will be faithful to do that, I more want to point to the grace of the gospel content you continually put into your posts. It’s a great medium, well-suited to your talents. Thanks for giving of yourself in this way.

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