New Poll

Hey gang. Just wanted to let you know I added a new poll this week. It’s on the side bar of my blog.

This week’s question:

What is your favorite decorating style?


5 thoughts on “New Poll

  1. I chose Ecclectic but have to say in looking at things I probably favor vintage modern. I like old things mixed with new things. An old old house with modern gallery prints on the wall etc. And old loveseat with piping and curves with a PB looking sofa in the same room.

  2. I chose Traditional, but I like a few modern pieces (not many, the lines are too harsh and I don’t like minimalism) mixed in with vintage, arts and crafts, Asian and French Country! I really can’t find something I like everywhere 🙂

  3. Hand-me-downs. . .or one my neighbors calls her favorite shop “Treelawn Boutique” We would rather go on a fun vacation than buy new furniture. But if I had a few more funds I’d like natural wood and wildlife themes like the wolf exibit at the Cleveland Zoo.

    It is amazing how God has been so faithful to us over the years by providing for much of our stuff from friends & family hand-me-downs. Much of our stuff has a story to tell of His amazing provision.

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