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MOMentum:Back to Life; Back to Reality

blog-pictureMOMentum is a new feature of Ordinary Mother. My hope is to connect the impelling power of the gospel to ordinary motherhood.

Tomorrow is the first day of “real life” following a wonderful conference. Even though I came home late Saturday night, life has still been unusually easy. We spent Sunday with the Stewarts and Hendricksons eating fantastic food mostly provided by the Stewarts. The kids watched the game, sledded in the back yard, and played with their friends with narry an argument between them. Then today was Jason’s day off which gave me a fairly undistracted opportunity to catch up on laundry, and restock the pantry.

So I sit here tonight considering tomorrow, my first day back to reality for quite a while. I love my reality. I can’t imagine any other life for myself that could possibly be as rewarding as being a wife, mother, and homemaker. I’m not just saying that! I really am grateful for my life’s work in this season.

As much as I am grateful for my real life, it does require selfless serving, that I haven’t encountered for the past few days. I was thinking of a verse that might prepare my heart for tomorrow. I thought of Romans 12:1

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, [1] by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

Tomorrow I want to offer my body as a living sacrifice that is holy and acceptable to God, my spiritual act of worship. I marvel at the fact that what seems like mundane work around the house, or typical moments of mothering, or ordinary services for Jason can actually be received by God as worship! This is amazing, truly.

But it isn’t the most amazing thing about this verse. It isn’t what will keep me motivated all day long. What I hope to keep in view tomorrow is the most amazing phrase, “by the mercies of God”. Yes, I want to live sacrificially for the glory of God tomorrow. I long to have awareness of the sacredness of what I am doing for His glory. But I know that if I jump into my day with my sacrifice in view, I will ping pong between pride and condemnation as I have success and failure.

Tomorrow I want to keep His sacrifice in view with an eye toward the mercies that I receive as a result. Because Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb of God, took the wrath my sins deserve when He suffered and died on the cross, now I receive mercy. Not just mercy but mercies. It could have been “by the judgment of God, offer yourselves” or “by the fear of God’s wrath, offer yourselves” but amazingly it is “by the mercies of God”. What a gracious God!

I pray that tomorrow, with all of what reality will look like, I will take time to consider God’s mercies to me and allow that to motivate my living sacrifice. I pray that I won’t just live conscious of the reality of motherhood, but conscious of the greater reality of mercy that is constantly flowing from the throne of grace, covering my sins and my attempts at righteousness.

That is my life.

That is my reality.


6 thoughts on “MOMentum:Back to Life; Back to Reality

  1. Thanks for capturing those thoughts into clear words!! I had some thoughts of “my sacrifice” as I raced to erase the dog pee missed by the dog sitter before morning worship & in time for the Eagles game that afternoon with company. And I was fighting for the right way to view life. Thank you, friend.

  2. That is excellent insight..when we have “our sacrifice” in view, we will swing from self righteousness to condemnation all day long (how familiar is this ride for me!). But, with Christ’s sacrifice in our view, we can live with joy in all our ever flawed efforts to live a life pleasing to Him. That is so helpful and good. I’m sleeping on that one and hopefully will wake up on that one, too. (As I do this week sans LA).

  3. Rachel, it’s great to “see” you so soon after the conference. Sorry about the Eagles 😦 . Hope real life is going well for you, Ian and kiddles.

    Bri, I will be praying for you this week. I’ll shoot you an email later to fill you in and hopefully you can fill me in so I’ll better know how to pray. Love you, friend.

  4. Laurie, you keep hitting them out of the park with this series. It is soooo helpful! I read your paragraph about God receiving our mundane service as worship and thought, “yes, that IS amazing, I need to keep that in mind today.” Then you hit me right between the eyes with the next paragraph 🙂 Thanks so much for helping me to connect the gospel to real life as a wife and mom.

  5. Thanks Laurie, crystal clear as always. I’ll be meditating on this tomorrow; it’s my first day back to real life since Friday.

  6. Amy, you are such an encourager. I’m glad the posts have blessed you. It’s always nice to get good feedback on something new I’m trying.

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