A Week In Review by Me

For some reason, I feel this in bullet form (and I’m not really a bullet-form kind of gal). And I know this isn’t really fun coming from me instead of one of the kiddos, but it is my excuse for not posting the last few days.

-spend the early days of the week cleaning, doing laundry, making dinners, and packing so we can leave kids with gracious and caring babysitters for 5 days (even figured out how to schedule posts ahead of time – covered till Thursday when I thought I might give a gem of wisdom from the retreat I’m on but I’m getting ahead of myself).

-go to a retreat in Hershey, PA on Tuesday night. The retreat for the pastors and wives begins on Wednesday.

-see lots of friends from other churches, catch up with some girls (talk, talk, laugh, listen, talk, etc.)

-notice throat, neck, and back start hurting during dinner (If you are reading, I’m sorry Peggy Buckley… I prayed hard you would not get strep throat).

-leave evening meeting early and get more and more sick as the night goes on. I’m serious – I’ve never had strep like this before.

-wake up, but not really because I didn’t sleep enough to really consider it “waking”, and notice that my throat looks/feels like strep.

-go to the “quick” care center, get official diagnosis, and drugs to make me well.

-spend day in bed while Jason goes to “marriage” stuff alone. poor guy.

-wake up Friday feeling much better, thanks to the z pack, and go to first meeting.

-realize as time goes by that somehow it was announced to the pastors and wives that I was rushed to the emergency room…feel like a diva.

-try to find a way to make strep sound really dramatic.

-enjoy teachings, fellowship, and the kindness of sooooo many who asked how I was feeling and were glad I was doing better.

-ride home on Saturday with the Stewarts.

-take the way home that avoids tolls, but does not avoid very small, unattractive towns in PA with lots of stop signs.

-get home late Saturday night, so glad to be home and kiss my sleeping kiddies.

-Today….watch the Ravens (okay, so be in the room with people watching the Ravens) win!!! I hope 🙂 .


5 thoughts on “A Week In Review by Me

  1. I’m sorry. Yuck. but you’ve accomplished your goal to make strrep sound dramatic. (And actually funny.) I’m sure it didn’t help to be in “Stiller” country when it happened.

  2. Wow you had quite the week! Glad you are feeling better. Had to laugh about the er trip rumor & feeling like a diva 🙂

    Oh and sorry about the Eagles… ok so not really 🙂

  3. So, Maryland definitely has better roads, BUT PA has the better football team. GO STEELERS!!!
    oh, and glad the Z pack kicked in and you didn’t have to miss the entire conference. Looking forward to a nugget.

  4. glad you recovered quickly and thanks for praying for me! I didn’t catch a thing. Did you know Carla Pierson was sick for the whole conference after the first evening with the stomach flu? Who knew what germs were floating around the dinner table that first night! God was merciful to me. 🙂

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