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Resources for Patience

blog-fruitful-lifeJason lovingly handed me this book and asked me to read Chapter 7 entitled Patience. (hmmmm, I wonder why?! 🙂 )It is the only chapter of this book I have read, but still I commend it to you if you want to grow in patience.

In the chapter on Patience, Jerry Bridges gives five aspects of patience.

1. suffering mistreatment

2. responding to provocation

3.tolerating shortcomings

4. waiting on God

5. persevering through adversity

I was very convicted by the aspects of responding to provocation and tolerating shortcomings –  mostly with regards to my children. Here is how Jerry Bridges describes provocation:

I use the word provocation to denote those actions of others that tend to arouse our anger or wrath – that cause us to lose our temper. Unlike mistreatment by others, which is often out of our control, provocation finds you in a position of power to do something about it…Whatever form the provocation takes, it is often deliberate, and we are in a position ot retaliate or punish swiftly and harshly.

Oh, how that gripped my heart when I first read it. How often do I retaliate to childish noises, inconveniences, and silliness with harsh retaliation or punishment. He continues to say, “The best way to develop this slowness to anger is to reflect frequently on the patience of God toward us.” He then illustrates with the parable of the unmerciful servant in Matthew 18.

With regard to tolerating shortcomings Bridges makes the direct connection to our pride. He reminds us of 1 Cor 4:7 and that “whatever abilities we possess have been given to us by God, so we have no reason to feel that we are any better than anyone else.” He also draws the distinct connection between love and forbearance.

He gives the greatest motivator for patiently forebearing:

God patiently bears with us, and every day, we are tempted to become impatient with our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. and our faults and failures before God are so much more serious than the petty actions of others that tend to irritate us! God calls us to graciously bear with the weaknesses of others, tolerating them and forgiving them even as He has forgiven us.

Patience is a virtue I desire to grow in, and Jerry Bridges’ helpful insights and connections to the gospel have proved a  means of grace to me.


10 thoughts on “Resources for Patience

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. I think I could stand to read that chapter frequently! Thanks, too, for your insights into motherhood; I will check back for MOMentum Mondays!

  2. thank you for your post today .
    thank you for your humility to share with us your sinful heart .

    i have been re-visiting books by jerry bridges this past year …
    his great reads of sound theology * laced with grace.
    :: please consider reading chapters 2&3 then re-read chapter 7.
    praying for you today -*- love you dear friend, tracey

    patience -*- the fruitful life – by, jerry bridges – pg. 115
    The fruit of patience in all its aspects —
    long suffering, forbearance, endurance, and perseverance
    — is a fruit that is most intimately associated with
    our devotion to God .
    All character traits of godliness grow out of and and have their foundation in our devotion to God,
    but the fruit of patience must grow out of that relationship
    in a particular way .
    Only as we fear God will we submit to the trials
    … He sends or allows.
    Only as we deeply apprehend His love for us in Christ will we find the courage to bear under them.
    Trials always change our relationship with God.
    Either they drive us to Him, or the drive us away from Him.
    The extent of our fear of Him and
    our awareness of His love for us
    … determine in which direction we will move .


  3. Jason’s always had not only the right book , but chapter (and probably page and paragraph number to boot) for just the thing a person needs help with. I miss that. OF course, you do WONDER , “Okay, so , I didn’t exactly ASK for a resource, but I gues I’m not hiding my sins very well, am I?”

    Anyhoo, I ‘ve recently pondered the expression, “lose my temper.”
    In every other instance of losing soemthing, it’s gone. Can’t be seen. Can’t be found. Outta sight. So….why doesnt’ losing my temper work that way? Hmmm.

  4. this is great stuff to chew on, Laurie. thanks for sharing. I don’t need another book to read (I’ve already got three new ones from Christmas!) but I sure wish I could get just that chapter, to read and reread and reread–my struggles with my little guy are the same as you describe. no surprise that there’s pride involved. sigh.

  5. God has certainly been using my boys to show me how short on patience I am. Not really a surprise. I’ve never been the most patience person. But I am saddened at how quickly I can “lose it” over such little childish things the boys do. I’ve been praying for a more patient heart.

  6. Wow, thanks for the recommendation. I am going to get that book! I am constantly convicted by the example of Christ in Phillipians 2:5-11 and in Isaiah 53: 7. The Son of God did not cry out although he was the innocent being led to slaughter for you and me. I can’t even remain unprovoked when someone gets “my’ parking spot. Thank God for the obedience of Christ “to the point of death-even death on a cross.” He perfectly obeyed so that we are not without hope!

  7. Thank you for posting this! I have been struggling with patience especially this week. I added the book to my wish list for the next time I have some book money. (And I’m going to see if my pastor has it in his library for me to borrow.) I’m really enjoying your MOMentum series.

  8. I read this yesterday. I can’t tell you how many times it came to mind – as I was in the midst of LOSING my patience! Oh, how I desire to grow. Thank you for another reminder!

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