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Anyone Can Do This: Superbowl Food (Walking Taco)

Hosting a Superbowl party this year? or attending one and need to bring food? Try making walking tacos.

You may want to make White Chicken Chili as well. We like it best with Fritos.

As to recipes for red and white chili, I swear by the McCormick seasoning packets.

These are also great to bring to ball games, and picnics.

Caleb is my cute little camera man 🙂 .


10 thoughts on “Anyone Can Do This: Superbowl Food (Walking Taco)

  1. That’s great! I love it..won’t be doing that for a couple years. don’t want any walking tacos at my house quite yet. 🙂 Your boys are starting to sound like little men…how weird is that to have these little men in your home now. Snow looks beautiful…as much as I hate the cold weather, snow would be nice. We just get rain and the good ol’ ‘wintry mix’ in MD. I know you don’t miss that. Good to hear your voice, too…keep the videos coming. I love seeing your life there.

  2. Zo, they are not super messy, believe me…I’m married to Jason…we don’t do super messy 🙂 . and you can set them down (we tried it).

  3. Could I send this video to my “colleagues” with PC? I may want to do this at my upcoming parties at the end of Jan…it’s a great game day snack and I’d love to demonstrate it using the highest quality kitchen products on the market. I’d credit you w/ the idea, of course! 🙂

  4. that would be fine. It’s not an original idea, though. I think I first heard about them from Cathy Plack, but I have heard “walking tacos” elsewhere too. And I wish I had my PChef stuff out for the demo. next time, Bri. next time.

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